Does Fallout 4's Codsworth know your name? Check this list.


Does Codsworth in Fallout 4 recognize your name? Find out with this comprehensive list of recognized names.

In the popular video game Fallout 4, players have the opportunity to interact with a wide array of characters, including the trusty robot companion, Codsworth. One unique feature of Codsworth is his ability to recognize and pronounce the player’s name, thanks to a database of over 1,000 names programmed into the game. However, not all names are included in Codsworth’s repertoire, leaving some players disappointed. If you’ve ever wondered if Codsworth knows how to say your name, look no further than this comprehensive list.

The list, compiled by dedicated Fallout 4 players, includes an extensive range of names, from common ones like John and Sarah to more unusual ones like Xander and Zelda. Each name is accompanied by a phonetic pronunciation guide, so you can be sure that Codsworth will say your name just right. The list is constantly updated as new names are discovered, making it a valuable resource for Fallout 4 players who want to personalize their in-game experience with Codsworth.

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Codsworth’s ability to know and say player names adds a level of immersion and personalization to the game. It allows players to feel a deeper connection to their virtual companion, as they can hear their own name spoken within the game world. This personalized interaction with Codsworth is just one of the many reasons why Fallout 4 remains a beloved RPG among gamers.

So, if you’ve been curious whether Codsworth knows your name, be sure to check out this list and see if yours is included. With over 1,000 names to choose from, there’s a good chance that Codsworth will recognize and pronounce your name, adding an extra touch of realism to your Fallout 4 experience.

Does Fallout 4’s Codsworth know your name?

Fallout 4 is an open-world role-playing game that allows players to navigate post-apocalyptic Boston and engage in various quests and missions. One of the memorable characters in the game is Codsworth, the player’s robot butler in the pre-war era.

One interesting feature of Codsworth is his ability to recognize and say the player’s name. However, his knowledge is limited to a pre-set list of around 1,000 names. If your name is not on the list, Codsworth addresses the player as “Sir” or “Madam”.

Here is a list of some of the names that Codsworth can recognize:

  • John
  • Sarah
  • David
  • Amy
  • Michael
  • Emily
  • Matthew
  • Jessica
  • Ryan
  • Rebecca
  • William

These are just a few examples, and the list includes a wide range of names from different cultures and backgrounds. Bethesda Game Studios, the developers of Fallout 4, made an effort to include popular and common names, as well as some less common ones.

If your name is not on the list, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the game. Codsworth’s recognition feature is just a small part of the overall gameplay experience. The game offers a vast open world to explore, numerous quests to complete, and a deep character development system.

So, even if Codsworth doesn’t know your name, you can still have an immersive and enjoyable experience in Fallout 4.

Overall, while Codsworth’s recognition feature adds a personal touch to the game, it is not essential to the gameplay experience. The game offers countless other elements that make it a popular and beloved title among RPG fans.


In the world of Fallout 4, players have been wondering if the helpful robot companion, Codsworth, can recognize their character’s name. Many have been curious to see if they can personalize their in-game experience by having Codsworth address them by name. The list of names that Codsworth can recognize has finally been released, and it’s quite extensive.

According to the list, Codsworth can recognize over 1,000 names. This means that most players should be able to find their own name on the list. Some of the more common names on the list include John, Sarah, James, Emily, and Michael. However, there are also some more uncommon names included, such as Xander, Aria, Zara, and Finn.

The developers of Fallout 4 have clearly put a lot of effort into making the game feel personal to each player. By allowing Codsworth to recognize such a large number of names, the game becomes more immersive and allows players to feel more connected to their character and the world of Fallout.

In addition to recognizing names, Codsworth also has unique dialogue for each name on the list. This means that he will have different responses and interactions with the player based on their chosen name. This attention to detail adds an extra layer of depth to the game and makes each playthrough feel unique.

Overall, the inclusion of personalized name recognition for Codsworth in Fallout 4 is a great example of the level of detail and immersion that the game offers. It shows the dedication of the developers to create a rich and personal experience for players, and adds an extra layer of depth to the game.

So, if you’re playing Fallout 4 and want to see if Codsworth can recognize your name, be sure to check the list. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that your name is included.

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RPG, or Role Playing Game, is a genre of video games where players assume the roles of characters in a fictional world and engage in adventures and quests. In RPGs, players have the freedom to make choices that affect the storyline and character development.

RPGs often feature open-world environments, allowing players to explore vast landscapes, interact with non-playable characters (NPCs), and complete various tasks and missions. These games typically incorporate elements of fantasy, science fiction, and sometimes historical settings.

One of the key components of RPGs is character customization. Players can usually choose and customize their character’s appearance, abilities, skills, and equipment. As the game progresses, characters can gain experience, level up, and acquire new skills and abilities.

RPGs also frequently utilize a leveling system, where characters gain experience points by defeating enemies or completing objectives. These experience points help characters to become stronger, allowing them to face tougher challenges and enemies.

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Another hallmark of RPGs is the inclusion of a comprehensive storyline. RPGs often feature complex narratives with branching paths and multiple endings, allowing players to shape the story based on their choices and actions.

In addition to the main story, RPGs often include side quests and optional content, providing players with additional challenges and rewards. These side quests can range from simple tasks to intricate storylines and often flesh out the game’s world and lore.

Multiplayer functionality is also commonly found in RPGs, allowing players to team up and complete quests together or participate in player versus player combat.

Overall, RPGs offer players the opportunity to immerse themselves in rich and expansive worlds, where choices and actions have consequences, and the story unfolds based on their decisions.

Fallout 4

“Fallout 4” is an action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the fourth main installment in the “Fallout” series and was released in 2015 for various platforms, including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world set in Boston, Massachusetts, after a nuclear war. Players assume the role of the Sole Survivor, who emerges from a vault after 200 years of cryogenic sleep and embarks on a journey to find their missing son. Along the way, players encounter various factions, monsters, and challenges as they navigate the wasteland.

One of the standout features of “Fallout 4” is its extensive customization options. Players can customize their character’s appearance, skills, and abilities, and they can also build and manage settlements. The game’s dialogue system allows players to make choices that can affect the outcome of the story and the relationships with other characters.

In addition to its immersive gameplay, “Fallout 4” has received praise for its detailed open world, atmospheric graphics, and engaging storyline. The game has also been supported with downloadable content (DLC) that adds new areas to explore, quests to complete, and items to acquire.

Overall, “Fallout 4” offers a vast and immersive post-apocalyptic experience filled with exploration, combat, and decision-making. Whether players choose to follow the main story or embark on various side quests, there is no shortage of content to discover in this expansive RPG.


Does Codsworth in Fallout 4 recognize all names?

No, Codsworth in Fallout 4 only recognizes a limited list of names.

What are some of the names that Codsworth recognizes in Fallout 4?

Codsworth in Fallout 4 recognizes popular names like John, Sarah, and Michael, as well as some more unique names like Travis, Zara, and Aurora.

Can I add my own name to the list of names that Codsworth recognizes in Fallout 4?

No, unfortunately, you cannot add your own name to the list of names that Codsworth recognizes in Fallout 4. The list is predetermined by the game developers.

Why doesn’t Codsworth recognize my name in Fallout 4?

Codsworth in Fallout 4 may not recognize your name if it is not on the list of names that the game developers have programmed. It is possible that your name is less common or unique, and therefore not included in the recognition system.

Are there any other characters in Fallout 4 that recognize names?

No, Codsworth is the only character in Fallout 4 that recognizes names. Other characters in the game do not have this feature.

Is the list of names that Codsworth recognizes in Fallout 4 different for each player?

No, the list of names that Codsworth recognizes in Fallout 4 is the same for every player. The names that he recognizes are predetermined by the game developers and cannot be changed or customized by the player.

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