Fallout's Vaults: Ranking from Worst to Best


Fallout’s Vaults, ranked from worst to best

The Fallout series is well-known for its post-apocalyptic setting and the different Vaults scattered throughout the wasteland. These Vaults were constructed by the government before the nuclear war and were meant to provide shelter and safety for the remaining population. However, as players have discovered throughout the games, not all Vaults were as idyllic as they seemed.

In this article, we will rank the Vaults from worst to best based on their conditions, experiments, and overall impact on the people living inside. From the horrifying social experiments to the desperate struggle to survive, each Vault has its own unique story to tell.

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Starting with the worst Vaults, we have those that were subjected to cruel and inhumane experiments. These Vaults, such as Vault 11 and Vault 34, were designed to test the limits of morality and the breaking point of their inhabitants. The stories that came out of these Vaults are chilling and serve as a reminder of the dark side of human nature.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the best Vaults that managed to provide a stable and thriving community for their residents. Vaults like Vault 101 and Vault 21, while not without their own problems, were able to maintain a sense of order and security within their walls. These Vaults demonstrated the resilience and resourcefulness of their inhabitants, even in the harshest of conditions.

Join us as we explore the fascinating and sometimes terrifying world of Fallout’s Vaults. From the worst to the best, each Vault has a story that adds depth to the Fallout universe and showcases the triumphs and failures of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Fallout’s Vaults: Ranking from Worst to Best

When it comes to the Fallout series, the Vaults are a central part of the game’s lore. These underground bunkers were designed to protect humanity from the nuclear war that devastated the world. However, not all Vaults were created equal. Some offered safe havens for the survivors, while others became twisted social experiments. In this article, we will rank the Vaults from worst to best, based on their features and the experiences of the players.

  1. Vault 87:

This vault is ranked as the worst due to its horrifying experiments on the residents. The vault was used to test the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV), which resulted in grotesque mutations. 2. Vault 101:

While Vault 101 initially seems like a safe haven, it is eventually revealed to be a controlling and oppressive environment. The overseer tightly controls the inhabitants and restricts their access to the outside world. 3. Vault 11:

Vault 11 is known for its dark and twisted social experiment. The dwellers were told that every year, one of them had to be sacrificed, or else the vault’s systems would fail. This resulted in a cycle of guilt, fear, and eventually rebellion. 4. Vault 108:

This vault is infamous for its cloning experiment gone wrong. It is filled with hostile clones, known as “Garys”, who relentlessly attack anyone who enters the vault. 5. Vault 21:

Vault 21 stands out from the rest, as it was a relatively successful experiment. The dwellers of this vault resolved conflicts through gambling instead of violence, creating a unique and peaceful society.

While the ranking of the Vaults is subjective, it is clear that some Vaults offered more favorable living conditions than others. The Fallout series continues to explore the stories behind these Vaults, providing players with a glimpse into the dark and complex world of post-apocalyptic America.

Ranking of Fallout Vaults

| Rank | Vault | | 1 | Vault 87 | | 2 | Vault 101 | | 3 | Vault 11 | | 4 | Vault 108 | | 5 | Vault 21 |

The Most Challenging and Unique Vaults in the Fallout Series

Throughout the Fallout series, players have encountered various Vaults, each with their own challenges and unique features. Here are some of the most challenging and memorable Vaults in the Fallout universe:

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  1. Vault 87

Vault 87, featured in Fallout 3, was a highly challenging Vault due to the presence of super mutants. The player had to navigate through dangerous areas filled with these powerful enemies, making it a difficult task to progress through the Vault. 2. Vault 111

Vault 111, which appeared in Fallout 4, presented a unique challenge as the player character wakes up after being cryogenically frozen for 200 years. The Vault is in a state of disarray, with hostile creatures and traps scattered throughout, making it a dangerous and unpredictable environment to navigate. 3. Vault 22

Vault 22, featured in Fallout: New Vegas, showcased a challenging and unique scenario as it was infested with aggressive mutated plant life. The player had to carefully navigate through the Vault while dealing with hostile creatures and finding a way to uncover the secrets hidden within. 4. Vault 101

Vault 101, the starting location in Fallout 3, presented a different kind of challenge as the player had to navigate the Vault while dealing with strict rules and a domineering overseer. The player’s actions and choices could have lasting consequences on the Vault and its inhabitants. 5. Vault 15

Vault 15, featured in the original Fallout game, was a challenging Vault due to the conflicts between multiple factions that had taken control of the Vault. The player had to navigate through this divided Vault and make choices that would shape the future of the factions and the wasteland.

These challenging and unique Vaults in the Fallout series provided players with memorable experiences and added depth to the post-apocalyptic world. Whether it was dealing with powerful enemies, navigating hazardous environments, or making impactful choices, these Vaults challenged players in various ways and contributed to the immersive storytelling of the Fallout series.

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Top Vaults with Memorable Storylines and Quests

One of the defining features of the Fallout series is the inclusion of various Vaults, underground bunkers intended to protect a select few from the nuclear apocalypse. Each Vault has its own unique story and quests for players to uncover, adding depth and complexity to the game world. Here are some of the top Vaults in the Fallout series with memorable storylines and quests:

  1. Vault 13:

Vault 13 is the starting location in the original Fallout game and sets the stage for the player’s journey. The Vault’s inhabitants are faced with a crucial dilemma - their water supply has become contaminated, and they must find a replacement before it’s too late. This quest serves as the main driving force of the game and leads players on a memorable adventure through the wasteland. 2. Vault 101:

Vault 101 is the player’s home in Fallout 3 and serves as an excellent introduction to the game’s mechanics and story. The Vault is heavily regulated, and the player must navigate its strict rules and regulations while uncovering the truth behind its authoritarian regime. The questline involving Vault 101 provides a compelling narrative and explores themes of power and control. 3. Vault 11:

Vault 11, featured in Fallout: New Vegas, presents players with a haunting mystery. The Vault’s residents were forced to sacrifice one of their own each year as part of an experiment, leading to a brutal system of survival. Uncovering the truth behind this dark history and making choices that affect the Vault’s future makes for an unforgettable questline. 4. Vault 22:

Vault 22 in Fallout: New Vegas is overrun by mutated plants and serves as a thrilling location for players to explore. The questline involves unraveling the mystery of the Vault’s overgrown state and finding a way to eradicate the plant menace. The eerie atmosphere and unique gameplay elements make Vault 22 stand out as one of the most memorable Vaults in the series. 5. Vault 76:

Vault 76 is the starting location in Fallout 76 and showcases the rebuilding efforts of humanity after the nuclear apocalypse. The Vault’s inhabitants are tasked with reclaiming and rebuilding America, providing players with a sense of hope and purpose. The quests and storylines in Vault 76 focus on teamwork and cooperation, emphasizing the multiplayer aspect of the game.

These are just a few examples of Vaults with memorable storylines and quests in the Fallout series. Each Vault offers a unique experience, adding depth and immersion to the rich game world. Exploring these Vaults and uncovering their secrets is a major highlight for fans of the franchise.

The Best Vaults for Role-Playing and Immersion

In the Fallout universe, the Vaults are a key element of the post-apocalyptic world, offering shelter and a chance for survival to the lucky few who are allowed inside. Some Vaults, however, are more interesting and immersive than others when it comes to role-playing. Here are the top Vaults that provide the best role-playing experiences and immersion in the world of Fallout:

  1. Vault 13: The iconic Vault 13 from the original Fallout game is a great choice for role-playing and immersion. With its strict rules and limited resources, players can experience the struggle for survival and make difficult moral choices.
  2. Vault 101: The starting location in Fallout 3, Vault 101 offers a deep role-playing experience as players navigate the vault’s hierarchy and explore its secrets. The complex relationships between characters and the moral dilemmas faced make for an immersive gameplay experience.
  3. Vault 111: In Fallout 4, players begin their journey in Vault 111, which adds a level of personal investment and emotional connection to the role-playing experience. The player’s search for their missing child and the exploration of the frozen wasteland outside create a compelling narrative.
  4. Vault 21: Located in New Vegas, Vault 21 stands out for its unique political system where decisions are made through gambling. The role-playing opportunities here are endless, as players can engage in political intrigue and try their luck at the various games of chance.
  5. Vault 81: This vault in Fallout 4 offers a more peaceful and community-oriented role-playing experience. Players can interact with the residents, participate in various quests, and even become a member of the vault’s community, creating a sense of belonging and immersion.

These Vaults provide the best opportunities for players to immerse themselves in the Fallout universe and truly role-play their characters. Whether it’s the strict rules of Vault 13 or the political intrigue of Vault 21, there’s something for every player looking for an immersive experience in the world of Fallout.


Which vault in the Fallout series is considered the worst?

The vault considered the worst in the Fallout series is Vault 11. It was designed as a social experiment, where the residents were forced to sacrifice one person each year as a sacrifice to the vault’s mainframe. This experiment led to a cycle of paranoia and violence among the residents.

Are there any vaults in the Fallout series that are considered successful?

Yes, there are a few vaults in the Fallout series that are considered successful. One of them is Vault 101, the protagonist’s home vault in Fallout 3. Despite some conflicts and issues, the vault managed to survive and function for over 200 years, providing its residents with a stable and relatively safe environment.

Which vault in the Fallout series is ranked as the best?

The vault ranked as the best in the Fallout series is Vault 13. This vault was a control vault, meaning it was not subject to any experimental conditions. It served its purpose of protecting its residents from the nuclear fallout and provided them with a sustainable and self-sufficient environment.

What makes a vault in the Fallout series qualify as the worst?

A vault in the Fallout series qualifies as the worst based on the severity of the experimental conditions imposed on its residents and the resulting negative consequences. Vaults that subjected their residents to extreme social or scientific experiments, causing harm, chaos, or death, are considered the worst.

Are there any unique or notable vaults in the Fallout series?

Yes, there are several unique and notable vaults in the Fallout series. One of them is Vault 112, featured in Fallout 3, where the residents’ minds were kept in virtual reality pods for an indefinite amount of time. Another example is Vault 21, known for its unique democratic system, where conflicts and decisions were resolved through gambling games.

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