How much money do people spend on Brawl Stars?

The game has grossed close to $120 million including soft-launch and January was its best month yet for revenue, with players spending more than $51 million. That was up 24 percent from December’s estimated $41 million spent.

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How much money has Brawl Stars made 2020?

$526 millionBrawl Stars was Supercell’s No. 2 revenue-generating game in 2020, grossing close to $526 million, Sensor Tower data shows.

How much money did Brawl Stars make?

US$526 millionIt grossed US$526 million in total in 2020, which accounted for more than half its life time revenue. It was also the fourth game by Supercell to surpass US$1 billion in lifetime revenue.

Can Brawl Stars be played offline?

Brawl Stars is an online mobile shooter game where up to 10 different players can join a match. To play Brawl Stars on Android or iOS devices, a stable internet connection is required.