Can you delete an account on Brawl Stars?

To contact the Brawl Stars support team, tap the Account button on their Support page. Scroll to the bottom of this page and tap on Contact Us then Message Us. Now a support agent will connect to you shortly. Tell him that you want to delete your account and state your honest reason about why you want to do it.

YouTube video: How To Delete Brawl Stars Account?

Can I delete and reinstall clash Royale?

The only way to reset your progress on Clash Royale is to delete the app and reinstall it.

Can you merge brawl star accounts?

For two years now, Supercell offers the ability to transfer or sync your Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Brawl Stars account from your old device to another, regardless of the operating system used.

Will I lose my progress if I delete Clash Royale?

Best Answer: No, deleting Clash Royale does not delete progress. When you uninstall Clash Royale from your device, the game will still be saved on your device and all of your progress will remain.

How can I delete my supercell ID in Gmail?

How do I remove my supercell ID from Gmail? Simply go to Settings Help and Support and then Contact Us to unlink your Supercell ID. Then press the Lost Account button and, after that, Contact Us. Send a letter to Supercell requesting that your account be unlinked.