Master the Kagura Hero: How to Play Kagura Mobile Legends


How To Play Kagura Mobile Legends?

In the world of Mobile Legends, Kagura is a powerful hero known for her versatility and high skill cap. With her use of Yin and Yang energy, she wields both offensive and defensive abilities, making her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. To truly excel as Kagura, it is important to understand her unique mechanics and playstyle.

Kagura’s main source of damage comes from her skills, which revolve around her umbrella, named Seimei. You can control Seimei by moving your joystick or using the directional keys. By mastering the art of moving Seimei, you can unleash devastating combos on your opponents. Additionally, Kagura has the ability to teleport to her umbrella’s location, allowing for quick escapes or surprise attacks.

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One of Kagura’s key skills is her ultimate, Yin Yang Overturn. This skill deals massive damage to enemies in a cone-shaped area and marks them with a special debuff. By using her other skills on marked enemies, Kagura can amplify her damage and potentially wipe out entire teams. However, timing is crucial when using this ability, as it leaves Kagura vulnerable during the cast time.

As Kagura, positioning is key. You should focus on staying at the backline during team fights, using your skills to poke and harass enemies from a safe distance. Kagura excels at bursting down squishy targets, so prioritize taking out enemy damage dealers first. It is also important to communicate with your team and coordinate your attacks for maximum effectiveness.

In conclusion, Kagura is a hero that requires practice and precision to master. With her unique mechanics and versatile skill set, she can be a formidable opponent on the battlefield. By learning how to control Seimei, utilizing her skills effectively, and positioning yourself well during team fights, you can become a feared Kagura player. So, take up the challenge and embark on the journey to master the Kagura hero in Mobile Legends!

Master the Kagura Hero: How to Play Kagura Mobile Legends

Kagura is a mage hero in Mobile Legends who excels in dealing burst damage and crowd control. She is a versatile hero with high mobility and great poke potential. Learning how to play Kagura effectively requires practice and knowledge of her abilities and playstyle. Here are some tips to help you master the Kagura hero in Mobile Legends.

Understanding Kagura’s Abilities

1. Passive - Yin and Yang Gathering: Kagura’s passive ability allows her to gather Energy by dealing damage with her abilities. This Energy can be consumed to enhance her skills or restore her HP. It’s important to keep an eye on Kagura’s Energy bar and use it wisely to maximize her damage output.

2. Skill 1 - Seimei Umbrella Open: Kagura throws her umbrella in a specified direction, dealing damage to enemies in its path. After using this skill, Kagura gains movement speed and can teleport to her umbrella’s location by reactivating the skill. This skill is great for both poking and escaping from dangerous situations.

3. Skill 2 - Yin Yang Overturn: Kagura releases her umbrella, dealing damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area. This skill also slows down enemies hit by it. It’s a great crowd control ability that can be used to set up kills or escape from ganks.

4. Ultimate - Yin Yang Overturn: Kagura: Kagura throws her umbrella at a targeted area, dealing damage to enemies hit by it. After a short delay, she can teleport to her umbrella’s location and deal additional damage. This ultimate ability is Kagura’s main source of burst damage and can easily turn the tides of team fights when used correctly.

Tips for Playing Kagura

    1. Use Kagura’s mobility to your advantage. Her ability to teleport to her umbrella allows her to quickly reposition and escape from dangerous situations. Make sure to always have an escape plan in mind when playing Kagura.
    1. Prioritize farming to get gold and experience. Kagura’s damage scales well with items, so it’s important to farm efficiently and get ahead in gold to maximize her potential.
    1. Use Kagura’s crowd control abilities to set up kills for your team. Her Skill 2 and ultimate can slow down and deal damage to multiple enemies, making her a valuable asset in team fights.
    1. Coordinate with your team and communicate your intentions. Kagura excels in follow-up damage, so make sure to coordinate with your team to secure kills and objectives.
    1. Build items that enhance Kagura’s burst damage and survivability. Items like Lightning Truncheon, Holy Crystal, and Necklace of Durance can greatly improve Kagura’s damage output and sustain in fights.

In Conclusion

Kagura is a powerful and versatile hero in Mobile Legends. With her high burst damage and crowd control abilities, she can easily dominate team fights and secure kills for her team. By understanding her abilities and playing her strategically, you can master the Kagura hero and become a formidable force on the battlefield.

Learn the Basics of Kagura

Kagura is a versatile mage hero in Mobile Legends who uses her umbrella to control her abilities and deal devastating damage to her enemies. Learning the basics of Kagura is essential to effectively play her and dominate the battlefield.

1. Abilities

Passive: Yin Yang GatheringKagura gains a mark when she uses an ability. After collecting 4 marks, she gains an additional shield.
First Skill: Seimei Umbrella OpenKagura throws her umbrella forward, dealing damage to enemies it passes through. She can re-activate the skill to teleport to the umbrella’s location.
Second Skill: Yin Yang OverturnKagura releases an umbrella spirit that deals damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area. She can reactivate the skill to recall the spirit, dealing damage again.
Ultimate: Yin Yang Overturn - Musou UmbrellaKagura throws her umbrella to a designated area, dealing damage to enemies in the area. After a short delay, the umbrella returns to her, dealing damage again. She can reactivate the skill to teleport to the umbrella’s location.

2. Combos

Mastering Kagura’s combos is crucial for maximizing her damage output. Here are some basic combos to get you started:

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  • Combo 1: First Skill (re-activate) - Basic Attack - Second Skill (re-activate) - Basic Attack - Ultimate (re-activate)
  • Combo 2: Ultimate (throw) - First Skill (re-activate) - Basic Attack - Second Skill (re-activate)
  • Combo 3: Second Skill (throw) - First Skill (re-activate) - Basic Attack - Ultimate (re-activate)

3. Positioning

Positioning is crucial for Kagura, as she relies on her abilities to deal damage from a safe distance. Stay behind your teammates and use your umbrella skills to poke enemies and initiate team fights. Always be aware of your surroundings and avoid getting caught in crowd control effects.

4. Items

When building items for Kagura, focus on items that increase her magic power and cooldown reduction. Here are some recommended items:

  • Lightning Truncheon: Increases magic power and provides a burst of extra magic damage.
  • Ice Queen Wand: Grants magic power and a slowing effect on basic attacks.
  • Concentrated Energy: Increases magic power and provides spell vamp for sustainability.
  • Holy Crystal: Boosts magic power and enhances damage dealt to enemies with high HP.

Remember to adjust your item build according to the game situation and enemy team composition.

5. Tips and Tricks

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  • Use Kagura’s umbrella teleportation abilities to quickly reposition yourself during fights and escape dangerous situations.
  • Take advantage of Kagura’s mobility to gank other lanes and surprise enemies with your burst damage.
  • Coordinate with your team to set up devastating combos, such as using Kagura’s ultimate after an ally’s crowd control ability.
  • Practice Kagura’s skill timings to maximize her damage output and make the most of her abilities.

Mastering Kagura requires practice and game sense, but by understanding her abilities, combos, positioning, item build, and utilizing tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a formidable Kagura player in Mobile Legends.

Master Kagura’s Skills and Combos

Kagura is a versatile mage hero in Mobile Legends with a unique playstyle that revolves around her ability to control and manipulate her umbrella, Yin-Yang Overturn. To master Kagura, it is essential to understand her skills and combos. Here are her abilities:

  1. Passive: Yin-Yang Gathering Kagura’s passive ability allows her to control her umbrella outside of her initial umbrella toss, transforming her basic attack into a ranged attack. This enables her to poke enemies from a safe distance and provides her with additional damage during team fights.
  2. Skill 1: Seimei Umbrella Open Kagura opens her umbrella and sends out a long-range umbrella wave that deals magic damage to enemies in its path. This skill can be used for poke and wave-clearing purposes. When the umbrella returns to Kagura, it creates a shield that absorbs damage, providing her with some survivability.
  3. Skill 2: Yin-Yang Overturn This skill is Kagura’s most crucial ability. When activated, Kagura throws her umbrella in a designated direction, dealing damage and creating a link between the umbrella and herself. She can then reactivate the skill to teleport to the umbrella’s location, dealing additional damage to nearby enemies. This skill allows her to engage, disengage, and reposition herself during team fights.
  4. Ultimate: Yin-Yang Overload Kagura’s ultimate ability releases an energy burst around her, damaging and stunning nearby enemies. After casting her ultimate, she enters umbrella mode, allowing her to control her umbrella’s movements and deal continuous magic damage to enemies within range. Her ultimate provides massive AoE damage and crowd control, making it a powerful tool in team fights.

Now that we have gone over Kagura’s skills, let’s look at some of the combos you can use to maximize her potential:

  • Poke Combo: Use Skill 1 to poke enemies from a distance, then reactivate Skill 2 to teleport to your umbrella and deal additional damage. Finish off with basic attacks enhanced by your passive ability for extra damage.
  • Engage Combo: Initiate a team fight by using Skill 2 to throw your umbrella towards the enemy team, then reactivate it to teleport right in the middle of the enemy team. Follow up with your ultimate to deal AoE damage and stun multiple enemies.
  • Disengage Combo: If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, use Skill 2 to teleport away from the enemy, then quickly activate Skill 1 to create a shield that absorbs damage. Use your ultimate if necessary to stun and slow down pursuing enemies.

With practice and mastery of these skills and combos, you will be able to unleash Kagura’s full potential and dominate the battlefield in Mobile Legends.

Tips for Dominating with Kagura

Here are some tips to help you dominate the game with Kagura in Mobile Legends:

  1. Master her skills: Kagura has a unique skill set that requires practice to fully utilize. Take the time to understand the mechanics of her abilities and their different effects. This includes her Umbrella, Yin Yang Gathering, and Yin Yang Overturn.
  2. Positioning is key: Kagura is a squishy mage, so it’s important to position yourself strategically in fights. Stay at the backline and use your range to poke enemies from a safe distance. Be cautious of assassins or divers who can quickly close the gap and burst you down.
  3. Harass with your umbrella: Kagura’s umbrella can be used to harass enemies in the early game. Use its long range to poke opponents and chip away at their health. However, be mindful of your umbrella’s position to avoid leaving yourself vulnerable.
  4. Use your umbrella combo: One of Kagura’s key combos is the Umbrella Flee and Return combo. Use the umbrella to poke enemies, then recall it quickly to deal additional damage. This combo can catch opponents off guard and disrupt their positioning.
  5. Utilize her mobility: Kagura is known for her high mobility, thanks to her umbrella’s ability to teleport her. Use this mobility to your advantage to dodge enemy skills, escape dangerous situations, or catch enemies off guard with unexpected movements.
  6. Control the battlefield: Kagura’s ultimate, Yin Yang Overturn, can control and disrupt the battlefield. Use it to separate enemies, disable key targets, or create opportunities for your team. Coordinate with your teammates to maximize the impact of this powerful ability.
  7. Build the right items: Kagura benefits from items that increase her magic damage and survivability. Prioritize items like Lightning Truncheon, Concentrated Energy, and Holy Crystal. Adjust your build according to the enemy team composition and the flow of the game.
  8. Communicate with your team: Good communication is essential for success in Mobile Legends. Inform your team of your intentions, call out priority targets, and coordinate your engagements. This will enable your team to capitalize on your abilities and secure kills or objectives.
  9. Practice, practice, practice: Like any hero in Mobile Legends, mastering Kagura requires practice. Take the time to play her in different game modes and experiment with different strategies. Watch replays or tutorials to learn from experienced Kagura players and fine-tune your gameplay.

Remember, Kagura is a versatile hero with a high skill ceiling. With enough practice and game sense, you can become a dominant force on the battlefield. Good luck!


What is Kagura’s role in Mobile Legends?

Kagura is a mage hero who excels at dealing burst damage and crowd control. She is known for her agility and ability to quickly move around the battlefield.

How should I build Kagura’s items?

For Kagura, it is recommended to start with basic mage items such as Magic Shoes, Concentrated Energy, and Lightning Truncheon. To increase her burst damage, items like Holy Crystal and Divine Glaive can be used. Lastly, you can include defensive items like Antique Cuirass or Winter Truncheon to provide some survivability.

What are some tips for playing Kagura effectively?

To play Kagura effectively, it is important to master her combo skills and understand her special abilities. Use her umbrella to poke enemies from a safe distance, and then utilize her ultimate skill to deal massive damage and immobilize enemies. Also, make sure to use her second skill to reposition and escape sticky situations.

How should I play Kagura in team fights?

In team fights, Kagura can excel by jumping into the midst of enemies and unleashing her ultimate skill to deal damage and immobilize multiple enemies. Use her second skill to reposition and escape if necessary. It is also important to communicate and coordinate with your team to maximize her effectiveness and ensure a successful team fight.

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