How do you play Silvanna ML?

How To Use Silvanna Skills. Pierce your lance to an enemy to stun them for a second. After a successful hit, you’ll then be able to dash towards a certain direction you want. It’s best for initiating a clash or fleeing.

Does Silvanna have Lifesteal?

The suitable lifesteal item for Silvanna is Concentrated Energy since this item also increases the user’s magic attack.

Who is the brother of Silvanna?

Soon Silvanna will take out dyrroth from dark abbys and he will be again prince of moniyan empire. Already expected this. Sylvanna’s voice lines gave us a clue that Dyrroth is her lost brother. Well , knowing they are sibling probably dyrroth will have Christmas carnival skin coming soon!

YouTube video: How To Play Silvanna Mobile Legends?

Is Silvanna a princess?

As a princess, Silvanna had always had a heart of justice and compassion since she was little. After her brother’s disappearance, she had been keeping the queen’s company almost every day.