How do you become a beta tester in Mobile legend?

Sign up as a beta tester

  1. Go to the testing program opt-in page.
  2. If needed, sign in to your Google Account.
  3. Select Become a tester.
  4. To use the beta version, follow the onscreen instructions.

How do I make a test server in Mobile Legends?

Tap on the Customer Care option in the main dashboard of the game and then Click on the Bug Report. Now click on, How to get access to Advanced Server. Once the page is loaded, fill in the details like Your Game ID and Server Code (Server Code is located near the ID in your profile).

What is beta server?

A place where games that are in development go for people to test.

YouTube video: How To Test Mobile Legends?

What beta testers do?

Beta testers are “real” users and conduct their testing in a production environment running on the same hardware, networks, etc., as the final release. This also means it’s the first chance for full security and reliability testing because those tests can’t be conducted in a lab or stage environment.

Who does alpha testing?

internal employeesAlpha testing is the first end-to-end testing of a product to ensure it meets the business requirements and functions correctly. It is typically performed by internal employees and conducted in a lab/stage environment. An alpha test ensures the product really works and does everything it’s supposed to do.

Can I change my server in Mobile Legends?

Unfortunately, the game decides your server location based on where you are located, so there is no way to change your server in-game. As a result, players will have to use VPNs or other loopholes to change servers in Mobile Legends.