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How To Use Cyclops Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends is a popular mobile game that pits teams of heroes against each other in intense battles. One of the most intriguing heroes available in the game is Cyclops. This mage hero possesses incredible burst damage and crowd control abilities that can turn the tide of any battle. However, mastering Cyclops and unleashing his full potential requires knowledge and skill. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the art of using Cyclops effectively in Mobile Legends.

Cyclops’s key strengths lie in his ability to deal massive damage and control the battlefield. His first ability, “Starlit Hourglass,” allows him to summon multiple energy balls that deal damage to enemies within its range. This ability can be used both for farming minions and harassing enemy heroes. Additionally, Cyclops’s second ability, “Planets Attack,” releases a bolt of energy that damages and slows down enemies hit. This ability is perfect for initiating team fights or catching fleeing enemies.

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One of Cyclops’s most powerful abilities is his ultimate, “Stardust Shock.” This devastating skill deals a significant amount of damage to enemies within its area of effect and stuns them momentarily. When used in combination with his other abilities, Cyclops becomes a force to be reckoned with. However, timing is crucial when using this ultimate, as mistimed casts can render it ineffective and leave Cyclops vulnerable to counterattacks.

Furthermore, positioning is essential when playing Cyclops. Due to his squishy nature, it is important to maintain a safe distance from enemies and use his range advantage to unleash his abilities. Cyclops excels in hit-and-run tactics, quickly casting his abilities and retreating before enemies can respond. Additionally, Cyclops’s passive, “Star Power Lockdown,” increases his damage output when he doesn’t take damage for a period. Utilizing this passive effectively enables Cyclops to dominate team fights and secure kills.

In conclusion, mastering Cyclops in Mobile Legends requires understanding his abilities, perfecting his timing, and utilizing his passive effectively. By combining damage-dealing and crowd control abilities, as well as positioning and timing, players can harness the full potential of this mage hero. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player looking to improve your game, this comprehensive guide will provide you with the knowledge and techniques necessary to use Cyclops effectively and dominate the battlefield in Mobile Legends.

Mastering the Art of Using Cyclops in Mobile Legends: A Comprehensive Guide

Cyclops is a powerful mage hero in Mobile Legends, known for his high burst damage and crowd control abilities. With the right strategy and skill, Cyclops can dominate the battlefield and turn the tide of any match. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different aspects of playing Cyclops and provide strategies to help you master this hero.


Cyclops is classified as a mage hero in Mobile Legends, specializing in dealing magical damage and controlling the enemy team. He has a unique passive ability called Starlit Hourglass, which allows him to deal extra damage to enemies hit by his abilities.


Passive - Starlit Hourglass: After using an ability, Cyclops’ next basic attack deals extra magical damage and slows the enemy for a short duration.

First Skill - Stardust Shock: Cyclops releases a shockwave that deals magic damage to all enemies in its path and reduces their movement speed. This skill can be used to poke enemies and slow them down, making it easier to hit them with subsequent abilities.

Second Skill - Planets Attack: Cyclops summons several energy balls that orbit around him. The balls will automatically target nearby enemies and deal magic damage upon contact. This skill is excellent for wave clearing and harassing enemies, especially in the early game.

Ultimate - Star Power Lockdown: Cyclops releases a burst of energy in a specified direction, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit and stunning them for a short duration. This ultimate is a game-changer in team fights and can turn the tide of battle if used correctly.

Build and Strategy

When it comes to building Cyclops, prioritizing items that provide magical power, cooldown reduction, and mana regeneration is essential. Items like Calamity Reaper and Fleeting Time are excellent choices to maximize his damage output and reduce ability cooldowns.

In terms of strategy, Cyclops excels in burst damage and crowd control. He is best used to initiate team fights by stunning multiple enemies with his ultimate. Coordinate with your team and engage the enemy when they are grouped up, making it easier for you to land your ultimate.

During laning phase, use your first skill to poke enemies and slow them down, then follow up with your second skill for additional damage. Be mindful of your position and avoid getting caught out of position, as Cyclops is relatively squishy and can be easily killed if caught off guard.

In team fights, prioritize targeting squishy enemy heroes and use your ultimate to stun them, allowing your team to follow up with additional damage. Use your second skill to poke and harass enemies from a distance, then finish them off with your first skill and basic attacks.

Tips and Tricks

  • Coordinate with your team and communicate your ultimate cooldown before engaging in team fights.
  • Always be aware of your positioning and avoid getting caught out of position.
  • Take advantage of Cyclops’ high mobility to quickly rotate between lanes and support your teammates when needed.
  • Use Cyclops’ passive ability to slow enemies and deal additional damage with your basic attacks.
  • When facing enemy heroes with crowd control abilities, be cautious and try to stay out of their range.


Mastering the art of using Cyclops in Mobile Legends takes practice and understanding of his abilities. By utilizing his burst damage and crowd control abilities effectively, you can become a formidable force on the battlefield. Remember to prioritize magical power and cooldown reduction items in your build and coordinate with your team to make the most out of Cyclops’ potential.

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into advanced strategies and techniques, it’s important to understand the basics of using Cyclops in Mobile Legends. Cyclops is a Mage hero known for his high burst damage and crowd control abilities. He excels in dealing damage to multiple enemies at once and can be a great asset in team fights.


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  • Starlit Hourglass: Cyclops’ passive skill that allows him to deal additional magical damage with his skills.
  • Planets Attack: Cyclops shoots a magical energy ball that deals damage to enemies in a straight line.
  • Stardust Shock: Cyclops summons a stardust shockwave, dealing damage and stunning enemies in a small area.
  • Star Power Lockdown: Cyclops creates a magical sphere that deals continuous damage to enemies within its range and slows them down.


When playing Cyclops, it’s important to focus on positioning and timing. His skills have relatively short cooldowns, allowing him to repeatedly unleash bursts of damage. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Stay at the backline: Cyclops is a squishy hero, so it’s important to stay behind tanks and other durable heroes. Positioning is key to avoid being targeted by the enemy team.
  2. Utilize crowd control: Cyclops’ stun from Stardust Shock can be a game-changer in team fights. Try to use it when multiple enemies are grouped up to maximize its impact.
  3. Combo your skills: A common combo for Cyclops is to use Planets Attack to poke enemies from a distance, followed by Star Power Lockdown to keep them within range and deal continuous damage. Use Stardust Shock when enemies get too close.
  4. Farm efficiently: Cyclops relies on gold and experience to scale into the late game. Make sure to prioritize farming and securing kills when opportunities arise.

Build Recommendations:

Lightning TruncheonProvides additional magic power and deals bonus damage to enemies with low health.
Concentrated EnergyRestores health and provides additional magic lifesteal, increasing survivability.
Holy CrystalIncreases magic power significantly, allowing for stronger burst damage.
Glowing WandDeals continuous magic damage and slows down enemies, enhancing crowd control.
Arcane BootsIncreases magic penetration, allowing skills to deal more damage to enemies with high magic resistance.
Divine GlaiveFurther increases magic penetration, ensuring maximum damage output against tanky enemies.
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Remember, these are just recommendations and you should adapt your build according to the specific game situation.

By mastering the basics of using Cyclops, you’ll be able to unleash his full potential on the battlefield and dominate your opponents. Practice and experimentation are key to becoming a skilled Cyclops player, so don’t be afraid to try out different strategies and adapt to different situations.

Advanced Strategies and Tips

Once you have mastered the basic mechanics of using Cyclops in Mobile Legends, it’s time to take your gameplay to the next level with these advanced strategies and tips:

  1. Use your skills wisely: Cyclops has a unique skill set that allows him to deal burst damage and control the battlefield. Make sure to save your skills for key moments in team fights or when trying to secure kills.
  2. Positioning is key: As a squishy mage, it’s essential to position yourself properly during team fights. Stay at the backlines and always be aware of your surroundings to avoid getting caught out by enemy assassins or fighters.
  3. Farm efficiently: Cyclops relies on gold and experience to become a formidable force in the game. Focus on farming in the early game to quickly level up and get the items you need to snowball.
  4. Coordinate with your team: Cyclops is a great team fighter, so make sure to communicate with your teammates and coordinate your skills for maximum impact. Combining your ult with crowd control abilities from tanks or supports can lead to devastating team wipes.
  5. Check the map constantly: Map awareness is crucial for any Mobile Legends player, and as Cyclops, it’s even more important. Keep an eye on the map at all times to be aware of gank opportunities or potential threats from the enemy team.
  6. Target squishy backline heroes: Cyclops excels at bursting down squishy backline heroes such as marksmen and mages. Prioritize your skills and attacks on these high-value targets to quickly eliminate them from team fights.
  7. Build the right items: Choosing the correct items for Cyclops is essential to maximize his damage output and survivability. Items like Calamity Reaper, Lightning Truncheon, and Holy Crystal are great choices for him.
  8. Master your timing: Timing is everything when playing Cyclops. Learning when to engage, retreat, or use your skills can make a huge difference in team fights and overall game outcomes. Practice and experience are key to mastering this aspect of Cyclops’ gameplay.
  9. Adapt to the situation: Every game is different, and you need to be adaptable as Cyclops. Pay attention to the enemy team’s composition and adjust your playstyle accordingly. If they have a lot of crowd control, consider getting Purify as your battle spell.
  10. Stay calm and focused: Lastly, maintaining a calm and focused mindset is crucial to performing well with Cyclops. Don’t let mistakes or setbacks discourage you, and always stay observant and focused on the game.

By implementing these advanced strategies and tips into your gameplay, you’ll be able to take full advantage of Cyclops’ potential and become a formidable force on the battlefield. Good luck!

Countering Cyclops: How to Beat the Master of Magic

Cyclops, the Master of Magic, is a formidable mage in Mobile Legends. His ability to dish out massive amounts of damage and control the battlefield makes him a challenging opponent to face. However, with the right strategies and heroes, you can counter Cyclops and come out victorious. Here are some tips to help you beat the Master of Magic.

1. Burst Damage Heroes: Cyclops relies on his abilities to deal damage. Burst damage heroes who can quickly burst down his health are effective in countering him. Heroes like Natalia, Lancelot, and Gusion can close the gap, deal high burst damage, and eliminate Cyclops before he can unleash his full combo.

2. Crowd Control (CC) Heroes: Another effective way to counter Cyclops is by using heroes with crowd control abilities. Stuns, silences, and immobilization can disrupt Cyclops’ combo and prevent him from dealing damage. Heroes like Akai, Chou, and Aurora can stun Cyclops and render him useless for a few seconds.

3. Itemization: Choosing the right items can greatly increase your chances of countering Cyclops. Items that provide magic resistance such as Athena’s Shield and Oracle can reduce the damage taken from his magical abilities. Additionally, items like Blade Armor can reflect some of the damage back to Cyclops, making him think twice before engaging.

4. Map Awareness: Cyclops excels at roaming and ganking due to his high mobility. Being aware of his presence and position on the map can help you avoid unnecessary confrontations. Warding key areas and constantly checking the mini-map can give you the upper hand and prevent surprise attacks from Cyclops.

5. Team Coordination: Lastly, communication and teamwork are crucial when facing Cyclops. Coordinating with your teammates and focusing your efforts on Cyclops can quickly eliminate him from team fights. A well-timed initiation and follow-up from your team can catch Cyclops off guard and result in his demise.

Conclusion: While Cyclops may be a formidable mage, there are several ways to counter him and come out on top. Burst damage heroes, crowd control, proper itemization, map awareness, and team coordination are key to defeating the Master of Magic. Utilize these strategies and heroes effectively, and you’ll have no problem countering Cyclops in Mobile Legends.


What is Cyclops’ role in Mobile Legends?

Cyclops is a mage hero in Mobile Legends. His role is to deal magical damage to enemies from a safe distance and to provide crowd control with his control abilities.

What are Cyclops’ skills?

Cyclops has four skills: Starlight Pulse, Planets Attack, Stardust Shock, and Meteor Shower. Starlight Pulse is a passive skill that enhances his basic attacks. Planets Attack is a single-target damage skill. Stardust Shock is a crowd control skill that immobilizes enemies. Meteor Shower is Cyclops’ ultimate skill, which deals damage in a wide area.

The recommended build for Cyclops includes items that increase his magical damage and cooldown reduction. Some recommended items are Arcane Boots, Lightning Truncheon, Clock of Destiny, and Holy Crystal. It is also important to have items that increase his survivability, such as Ice Queen Wand and Immortality.

What is the best strategy to use Cyclops in battles?

The best strategy to use Cyclops in battles is to stay behind your teammates and poke enemies with your skills. Use Planets Attack to deal damage to priority targets and Stardust Shock to immobilize enemies. Position yourself carefully and make use of your mobility to dodge enemy skills. Save your Meteor Shower for team fights or to clear minion waves quickly.

How can I counter Cyclops when facing him in the game?

To counter Cyclops, it is important to have heroes with high mobility and burst damage. Try to avoid getting hit by his skills by dodging and utilizing crowd control skills to interrupt his abilities. Stay close to your teammates to minimize the damage he can deal. Additionally, purchasing items that increase magic resistance can reduce the effectiveness of his damage.

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