The Best Flight Sims on PC: Take to the Skies with These Top Picks


The best flight sims on PC

If you’ve ever dreamt of taking to the skies and piloting an aircraft, flight simulators offer an incredibly realistic and immersive experience. With the advancement of technology, PC flight sims have become more detailed and incredibly life-like, giving you the opportunity to explore the world from above.

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One of the top flight sims on PC is Elite: Dangerous. This space exploration game allows you to take control of your own spaceship and navigate through a massive open-world galaxy. With stunning graphics and a realistic physics engine, Elite: Dangerous offers an unparalleled experience for aspiring pilots.

Another popular flight sim on PC is Microsoft Flight Simulator. Known for its breathtaking attention to detail, this game allows you to fly over real-world locations using imagery from Bing Maps. Whether you want to soar over the Great Wall of China or explore the cityscape of New York, the possibilities are endless in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

For those looking for a more combat-focused flight sim, IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is a must-try. Set in World War II, this game offers both an immersive single-player campaign and online multiplayer battles. Strap into the cockpit of iconic planes and engage in intense dogfights as you experience the thrill of aerial combat.

Overall, flight sims on PC provide an incredible opportunity to fulfill your aviation dreams. Whether you prefer exploring the vastness of space or flying over real-world locations, there is a flight sim out there for you. So, fasten your seatbelt, get ready for takeoff, and prepare to soar above the clouds with these top picks.

The Best Flight Sims on PC

If you’re an aviation enthusiast or simply have a passion for flying, flight simulators can provide an immersive experience that allows you to take to the virtual skies. With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the best flight simulators for PC. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks.

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator: Known for its stunning graphics and realistic gameplay, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a must-have for any flight simulation enthusiast. With a vast selection of aircraft and detailed environments, this simulator offers a truly immersive experience.
  • X-Plane: X-Plane is another popular choice among flight sim aficionados. It boasts accurate flight dynamics and an extensive library of aircraft to choose from. The simulator also features realistic weather conditions and a robust multiplayer mode.
  • Prepar3D: Developed by Lockheed Martin, Prepar3D offers a professional-grade flight simulation experience. It is widely used by flight training academies and professionals alike. The simulator provides highly realistic visuals and a wide range of aircraft and scenarios.
  • IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles: If you’re more interested in combat flight simulation, IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles is the perfect choice. Set during World War II, this simulator offers intense aerial combat and a variety of historically accurate aircraft to pilot.
  • DCS World: DCS World is a free-to-play flight simulator that focuses on military aircraft and combat scenarios. It features highly detailed aircraft models and realistic avionics systems. The simulator also offers a wide range of downloadable content for added variety.

Whether you’re interested in civilian aviation, combat flight simulation, or both, there’s a flight simulator available on PC to suit your preferences. Each of the simulators listed above offers a unique experience with different strengths and features. So, grab your joystick and take off into the virtual skies!

Take to the Skies with These Top Picks

Flight simulation games have always provided a unique and immersive experience for aviation enthusiasts. From the thrill of taking off and landing in a variety of aircraft, to the challenge of navigating through realistic weather conditions, flight sims offer a truly realistic way to experience flying. If you’re an aspiring pilot or simply enjoy exploring the skies, these top picks are sure to satisfy your flight sim cravings.

1. Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous is a space exploration and trading simulator that allows players to pilot their own spaceship and navigate through a vast and realistic galaxy. With stunning graphics, realistic physics, and a fully immersive gameplay experience, Elite: Dangerous is a must-play for those who want to explore the infinite possibilities of space.

2. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the latest installment in the long-running flight sim series and offers the most realistic flying experience yet. With highly detailed and accurate renditions of real-world airports, aircraft, and weather, Microsoft Flight Simulator is the closest you can get to flying without leaving your home.

3. X-Plane 11

X-Plane 11 is another popular flight sim that offers a highly realistic and immersive flying experience. With a wide range of aircraft to choose from and a dynamic weather system that accurately depicts real-world conditions, X-Plane 11 is a favorite among flight sim enthusiasts.

4. FlightGear

FlightGear is an open-source flight simulator that offers a realistic and customizable flying experience. With a vast selection of aircraft to choose from and a dedicated community of developers constantly improving the simulator, FlightGear is a great choice for both casual and hardcore flight sim fans.

5. DCS World

DCS World is a combat flight simulator that focuses on military aircraft and missions. With highly detailed and accurate aircraft models, realistic weapon systems, and dynamic mission scenarios, DCS World offers an immersive and challenging flying experience for those who prefer the thrill of combat.


Whether you’re a seasoned aviation enthusiast or simply looking to explore the skies, these top flight sims offer a realistic and immersive flying experience. From space exploration to military combat, there’s a flight sim for every type of pilot. So grab your joystick or keyboard, and take to the skies with these top picks!

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Features: Elite: Dangerous

1. Massive Open World: Elite: Dangerous offers a massive open-world experience, allowing players to explore a realistic, 1:1 scale replica of the Milky Way galaxy. With over 400 billion star systems to discover, players can embark on their own space adventure.

2. Realistic Flight Mechanics: The game features realistic flight mechanics, requiring players to manage their ship’s energy, fuel, and navigation. Players can fly different types of spacecraft, each with its own unique handling characteristics.

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3. Player-Driven Economy: Elite: Dangerous has a dynamic player-driven economy, where players can engage in trading, mining, and exploration to earn credits. The economy is influenced by player actions, allowing for a realistic and immersive experience.

4. Cooperative and Competitive Gameplay: Players can choose to play cooperatively or competitively in Elite: Dangerous. They can team up with friends to complete missions, or engage in player-vs-player combat in the game’s open-world environment.

5. Deep Customization: The game offers deep ship customization options, allowing players to upgrade and modify their ships according to their playstyle. From weapons and equipment to ship aesthetics, players have the freedom to personalize their gameplay experience.

6. Engaging Missions: Elite: Dangerous features a variety of missions for players to undertake. These missions range from simple delivery tasks to complex combat missions and offer rewards based on player performance.

7. Rich Lore: The game has a rich and detailed lore, with a vast history and background story. Players can uncover more about the game’s universe through in-game events and interactions with non-player characters.

8. Community Interaction: The Elite: Dangerous community is active and passionate. Players can interact with other players through in-game chat, forums, and social media to share experiences, tips, and strategies.

* Immersive open-world experience
  • Realistic flight mechanics
  • Deep customization options
  • Engaging missions
  • Active and passionate community | * Steep learning curve
  • Requires a significant time investment
  • Can feel overwhelming for new players
  • Some players may find the gameplay repetitive |

Elite: Dangerous offers a realistic and immersive space exploration experience, allowing players to embark on their own interstellar adventure. With its massive open-world, realistic flight mechanics, and deep customization options, the game provides a captivating gameplay experience. However, the steep learning curve and time investment required may not appeal to casual gamers. Overall, Elite: Dangerous is a must-play for fans of space sims and those seeking a challenging and immersive gameplay experience.


What are the best flight sims available on PC?

There are several great flight simulators available for PC, but some of the best ones include Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane 11, and Digital Combat Simulator (DCS). These simulators offer realistic graphics, accurate flight mechanics, and a wide range of aircraft to choose from.

Which flight simulators have the most realistic graphics?

Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane 11 are known for their incredibly realistic graphics. These simulators use high-resolution satellite imagery and advanced rendering techniques to create stunningly realistic environments. From detailed airports to lush landscapes, these simulators provide an immersive visual experience.

Can you fly different types of aircraft in these simulators?

Yes, all of the mentioned flight simulators allow you to fly a wide variety of aircraft. Microsoft Flight Simulator, for example, offers over 20 different aircraft, ranging from small single-engine planes to large commercial jets. X-Plane 11 also provides a diverse selection of aircraft, including helicopters and even experimental planes.

Do these simulators offer realistic flight mechanics?

Yes, one of the standout features of these simulators is their realistic flight mechanics. They take into account factors such as wind, turbulence, and aircraft weight to provide an accurate flying experience. The flight models in these simulators are often based on real-world data and are constantly updated to ensure accuracy.

Are these simulators suitable for both beginners and experienced pilots?

Yes, these simulators cater to both beginners and experienced pilots. They offer different levels of realism and complexity, allowing users to adjust the settings to their skill level. Beginners can start with simplified controls and tutorials to learn the basics, while experienced pilots can dive into more advanced features and procedures.

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