Warframe Gauss Guide: Learn How to Master the Speedster Warframe


Warframe Gauss guide

Gauss is the latest addition to the roster of Warframes in the popular online action game, Warframe. Known as the Speedster Warframe, Gauss is all about speed and mobility. With his unique abilities and characteristics, Gauss brings a whole new level of gameplay to the table.

Speed is the name of the game when it comes to Gauss. His abilities revolve around harnessing and manipulating kinetic energy to gain immense speed and deal devastating attacks. Whether you’re racing through missions or unleashing powerful abilities, Gauss is the Warframe for players who crave high-octane action.

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Gauss’s abilities include Mach Rush, which allows him to charge forward at incredible speed, knocking down enemies in his path. Thermal Sunder lets Gauss manipulate temperature to either freeze enemies or create fiery explosions. Redline is Gauss’s ultimate ability, which pumps up his speed and damage output to maximum levels.

“Gauss is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. His lightning-fast speed and powerful attacks make him a formidable warrior. But mastering his abilities takes practice and strategy.”

In this guide, we will take an in-depth look at Gauss and explore his abilities, recommended builds, and playstyle tips. Whether you’re a veteran Warframe player looking to try out a new Warframe or a beginner seeking an exciting and fast-paced gameplay experience, this guide will help you become a master of the Speedster Warframe, Gauss.

Warframe Gauss Guide: Learn How to Master the Speedster Warframe

Warframe Gauss is a highly versatile and fast-paced Warframe that specializes in speed and kinetic energy manipulation. With his unique abilities and playstyle, mastering Gauss can greatly enhance your gameplay experience in Warframe. This guide will provide you with an overview of Gauss’s abilities, tips on how to build and mod him effectively, and strategies for maximizing his potential in combat.


Gauss has a set of powerful abilities that revolve around speed and kinetic energy manipulation. Here are his abilities:

  1. Mach Rush: Gauss charges forward, damaging enemies in his path and boosting his own speed. This ability can be used to quickly traverse the map and escape dangerous situations.
  2. Kinetic Plating: Gauss creates a protective shield around himself, absorbing incoming damage and converting it into energy. This ability is especially useful in high-damage situations.
  3. Thermal Sunder: Gauss emits a wave of cold or heat, dealing damage and leaving a lingering area of effect. Cold zones slow enemies, while heat zones increase their speed. This ability can be used strategically to control the battlefield.
  4. Redline: Gauss charges up his Redline meter, increasing speed and damage output. When the meter is full, activating the ability again will cause a powerful explosion, damaging nearby enemies.

Build and Modding

When building Gauss, it’s important to focus on increasing his speed, survivability, and damage output. Here are some mod suggestions for each category:

  • Speed: Mods like Rush, Amalgam Serration, and Armored Agility can further enhance Gauss’s already impressive speed.
  • Survivability: Vitality and Adaptation are great choices for increasing Gauss’s survivability. Quick Thinking can also be useful for converting energy into health when low on health.
  • Damage Output: Mods like Intensify, Transient Fortitude, and Blind Rage can increase Gauss’s damage output. Combining these mods with Redline can result in devastating attacks.

Combat Strategies

When in combat, Gauss excels at hit-and-run tactics and crowd control. Here are some strategies to keep in mind:

  • Use Mach Rush to quickly close the distance between enemies and deal damage while moving through the battlefield.
  • Utilize Thermal Sunder to control the flow of battle. Freeze enemies in cold zones to slow them down, or use heat zones to increase their speed and create chaos.
  • Activate Kinetic Plating when taking heavy damage to absorb and convert it into energy. This will allow you to maintain a high level of survivability.
  • Build up your Redline meter to unleash a powerful explosion. Use this ability strategically to clear groups of enemies or deal massive damage to high-priority targets.

With practice and experimentation, you can become a master of the Speedster Warframe, Gauss. His agility and unique abilities make him a formidable force on the battlefield. So go out there, harness the power of speed, and become the ultimate Speedster in Warframe!

Discover the Key Features of Gauss

Warframe Gauss is a speedy and energetic Warframe that is known for his lightning-fast movements and ability to manipulate kinetic energy. Below are some of the key features that make Gauss a unique and powerful Warframe:

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  • Mach Rush: Gauss’s signature ability that allows him to dash forward at incredible speeds, damaging and knocking down enemies in his path.
  • Kinetic Plating: Gauss has the ability to generate a temporary kinetic shield that absorbs incoming damage and converts it into energy.
  • Thermal Sunder: This ability allows Gauss to emit powerful shockwaves that can either freeze enemies in their tracks or ignite them in a blazing inferno.
  • Redline: Gauss’s ultimate ability that activates his maximum speed and power, increasing his movement speed, attack speed, and ability strength.

Gauss’s unique playstyle revolves around his speed and the ability to manipulate kinetic energy. By using his abilities strategically, players can become an unstoppable force on the battlefield, quickly dashing between enemies and dealing devastating damage.

Additionally, Gauss has a passive ability called Mach Rush Battery, which allows him to store and accumulate energy while using Mach Rush. This energy can be used to enhance Gauss’s other abilities or unleash powerful combo attacks.

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Overall, Gauss is a dynamic and versatile Warframe that excels at mobility and dealing damage. With his lightning-fast speed and powerful kinetic abilities, players can truly master the art of the Speedster Warframe.

Unleash the Power of Gauss in Action

Warframe Gauss is a highly versatile and powerful speedster Warframe that excels in both offensive and defensive techniques. Here are some key features of Gauss and how to best utilize them in combat:

  • Mach Rush: Gauss’s signature ability allows him to power up and sprint at incredible speeds, crashing through enemies and dealing damage. Use this ability to quickly traverse large maps, escape dangerous situations, or initiate surprise attacks on unsuspecting enemies.
  • Kinetic Plating: This ability grants Gauss damage resistance and converts bullets into energy. Activate it when facing heavy enemy fire or during intense combat to fortify yourself and prolong your survivability.
  • Thermal Sunder: Gauss’s third ability lets him unleash blasts of cold or heat energy. By casting it on enemies, you can freeze them in place or set them on fire, respectively. Use this ability to crowd control enemies or to create helpful environmental hazards.
  • Redline: Gauss’s ultimate ability, Redline, amps up his speed and damage output. As you accumulate energy, Gauss becomes even faster and deals more damage with his attacks. Use Redline during high-intensity combat scenarios to maximize your damage potential and overwhelm your foes.

Gauss’s unique playstyle revolves around speed and kinetic energy manipulation. By combining his abilities and mods effectively, you can create devastating combos and become an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Here are some tips to enhance your Gauss gameplay:

  1. Mod for Power Efficiency: Gauss’s abilities consume a fair amount of energy, so modding for power efficiency is essential. Add mods such as Streamline and Fleeting Expertise to reduce ability costs and increase your overall energy efficiency.
  2. Focus on Duration and Strength: Modding for duration and strength can enhance the effectiveness of Gauss’s abilities. Augmenting the duration of Kinetic Plating can provide longer damage resistance, while increasing the strength of Thermal Sunder amplifies its crowd control potential.
  3. Use Sprint Boosting Mods: Gauss is all about speed, so equipping mods like Rush and Amalgam Serration can further boost his sprint speed and enhance his overall mobility.
  4. Experiment with Weapon Choices: Gauss’s abilities are versatile and can be combined effectively with various weapons. Experiment with different weapon types to find the perfect loadout that complements Gauss’s playstyle.

Remember to always be on the move and make the most out of Gauss’s speed and agility. With practice and experimentation, you can become a formidable speedster on the Warframe battlefield.

Dominate the Battlefield with Gauss’s Warframe Abilities

Gauss, the speedy Warframe, is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. With his unique abilities, he can quickly move across the map, deal devastating damage, and withstand enemy attacks. Here’s a breakdown of his Warframe abilities:

  1. Mach Rush - Gauss’s first ability allows him to dash across the terrain at incredible speeds, crashing through enemies and obstacles in his path. This ability not only deals damage to enemies in his way but also increases his speed and kinetic energy, which can be used to enhance his other abilities.
  2. Kinetic Plating - Gauss’s second ability grants him a protective shield that absorbs incoming damage. The more energy he has accumulated from using Mach Rush, the stronger the shield becomes. Additionally, this ability converts the absorbed damage into bonus energy, allowing Gauss to stay in the fight for longer.
  3. Thermal Sunder - Gauss’s third ability unleashes a wave of intense heat or cold, depending on the player’s choice. The heat wave sends enemies flying and deals fire damage, while the cold wave slows down enemies and deals cold damage. Combining these waves with Gauss’s high speed can create devastating crowd control effects.
  4. Redline - Gauss’s ultimate ability, Redline, supercharges his speed and all of his other abilities. When activated, Redline gradually increases Gauss’s speed and ability strength over time. Once fully charged, Gauss’s abilities are enhanced even further, making him an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Gauss’s Warframe abilities synergize with each other, allowing players to unleash devastating attacks while staying mobile and evasive. By mastering the speed and power of Gauss, players can dominate the battlefield and leave enemies in their dust.


What abilities does Gauss have?

Gauss has four abilities: Mach Rush, Kinetic Plating, Thermal Sunder, and Redline.

How do I obtain Gauss in Warframe?

You can obtain Gauss by completing the Disruption missions on the Sedna node, Kelpie.

What is Gauss’ role in a team?

Gauss is a versatile Warframe that excels at speed and damage. He can be used as a frontline attacker or a support frame thanks to his abilities.

How does Gauss’ Mach Rush ability work?

When activated, Mach Rush allows Gauss to rush through enemies, dealing damage and knocking them down. It also increases his speed and momentum.

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