• Liona De

Many people enjoy video games. It’s a pleasant escape from the pitfalls of everyday life.

Whether it be Xbox or PlayStation, video games have become a routine part of life. Computer games arrived on the scene as early as 1962. During that time computers were large in size and weighed about fifty pounds. Arcade games were extremely popular when computers were introduced to the public. 

As video games evolved and decades have passed, computers took on a whole new meaning and dimension. Computer gaming became well-known. Now arcade games are generally for the younger audience. Watergirl and Fireboy became popular in 2010. Two characters consist of battling extreme obstacles in order to enter their destination. The object of the game is to distance themselves from the tough opponents. The game consists of five versions, The Forest Temple, The Crystal Temple, The Ice Temple, The Light Temple, and another Forest Temple.

The Light Temple

During this game, a brother and sister are the main characters. Their goal is to complete various tasks to reach their rooms. Each player will be able to pass through the water and lava. However, the stars are for Watergirl and the leverage needed might be in the lava and it will be completed by Fireboy.

The Ice Temple

At this level, Fireboy and Watergirl find themselves in a position where one will be waiting while the other will find it easy when she tries to find a way out. Watergirl is able to float her way through this level, while Fireboy will need extra help to find his way. Players should keep an eye out at every corner, they might be in for a shock.

The Crystal Temple

Brother and sister enter a new castle in this game. It involves exciting challenges that the players and characters will enjoy. The Crystal Temple offers crystal bonuses to collect, maneuver through traps, and players will have to ward off evil spirits. Watergirl will be put to the test as she dives her way in to use her water skills. Meanwhile, Fireboy will find himself deep in hot lava. The players will love this level as they deal with the scary obstacles that are headed their way, but only they can decide what to do next. 

The Forest Temple

The mystery of the forest will enable each character to use their skills as they fight nature. Players need to collect to assist them in opening doors. Fireboy and Watergirl will come in contact with dangerous waters and traps. Each player will have the opportunity to move the characters in different directions. This way they’ll be able to find victory at the turn of a corner. The adventurous forest map will allow a direct path to complete the magical experience for the brother and sister. 

After fighting their way through the rough waters and fierce plants, Fireboy and Watergirl are unique siblings. They find the door to their homeworld as a team.