What Are Ground Pokemon Weak Against? Uncovering Their Weaknesses


What Are Ground Pokemon Weak Against?

Ground-type Pokemon are known for their strong defense and powerful physical attacks, but every Pokemon type has its weaknesses. Understanding the weaknesses of Ground-type Pokemon is crucial for trainers who want to build a well-rounded team. In this article, we will delve into the vulnerabilities of Ground-type Pokemon and explore the types they are weak against.

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One of the main weaknesses of Ground-type Pokemon is their vulnerability to Water-type moves. Water-type attacks are super effective against Ground types, dealing a significant amount of damage. This makes Water-type Pokemon a formidable opponent for Ground-type Pokemon in battles. Trainers should be cautious when facing Water-type opponents and consider switching out their Ground-type Pokemon for a more favorable matchup.

Another weakness of Ground-type Pokemon is their susceptibility to Grass-type moves. Grass-type moves are also super effective against Ground types, making Grass-type Pokemon a great counter when battling against Ground types. Trainers should take advantage of this weakness when planning their strategy and include a Grass-type Pokemon in their team to exploit the vulnerability of Ground-type opponents.

Ground-type Pokemon are also weak against Ice-type moves. Ice-type moves deal double damage to Ground types, making them an effective choice when facing Ground-type opponents. Trainers should consider adding an Ice-type Pokemon to their team to exploit this weakness and gain an advantage in battles against Ground types.

Overall, it is important for trainers to be aware of the weaknesses of Ground-type Pokemon. Understanding the vulnerabilities of Ground types allows trainers to build a more effective team and come up with strategies to exploit these weaknesses. By utilizing Water, Grass, and Ice type moves, trainers can gain an upper hand in battles against Ground-type opponents.

Ground Pokemon Weaknesses: Uncovering Their Vulnerabilities

Ground type Pokémon are known for their resilience and strength, with their ability to manipulate the earth beneath them. While they may possess incredible power, they also have their vulnerabilities. Here, we will explore the weaknesses of Ground type Pokémon and the types of attacks that are especially effective against them.


  • Water-type attacks are super effective against Ground Pokémon. It makes sense, as water can erode and weaken the integrity of the earth. Pokémon like Blastoise and Gyarados can deal significant damage to Ground types with their powerful water-based moves.


  • Grass-type attacks are another weakness for Ground Pokémon. Plants can easily grow through the ground, causing disruptions and hindering the stability of the earth. Pokémon like Venusaur and Leafeon can take advantage of this vulnerability and deal considerable damage to Ground types.


  • Ice-type attacks can also exploit the weaknesses of Ground Pokémon. Freezing the ground can make it slippery and unstable, compromising the Pokémon’s ability to stand firm. Pokémon such as Lapras and Articuno can utilize their ice-based moves to deliver devastating blows to Ground types.

Grass Knot

  • The move Grass Knot can be especially effective against Ground Pokémon. This move calculates its damage based on the weight of the target, and Ground types tend to be heavy due to their solid nature. Pokémon like Ludicolo and Shaymin can use this move to their advantage and deal significant damage to Ground types.


  • Fighting-type attacks are also a weakness for Ground Pokémon. They can easily break through the resistance and strength of the earth, causing damage to these Pokémon. Pokémon like Machamp and Lucario can utilize their fighting moves to exploit this vulnerability and deal heavy blows to Ground types.

Ground vs. Ground

  • Lastly, it’s important to note that when Ground Pokémon face off against each other, their moves will be significantly less effective. Ground type moves are typically ineffective against other Ground types. It is better to switch to a Pokémon that can exploit their weaknesses mentioned above.

Understanding the weaknesses of Ground type Pokémon is crucial for trainers who want to build a strong team. By exploiting these vulnerabilities, trainers can create strategies that can give them an advantage in battles. It’s always important to have a well-rounded team to cover the weaknesses of each Pokémon type.

Electric-Type Attacks: Ground Pokemon’s Achilles’ Heel

Electric-type attacks pose a significant threat to Ground-type Pokémon, as they exploit their weakness. Ground-type Pokémon, known for their strength and stability, have a natural disadvantage against Electric-type attacks due to the conductive nature of the ground. The following points further explain why Electric-type attacks are the Achilles’ heel of Ground Pokémon:

  • Super Effective: Electric-type moves are super effective against Ground Pokémon. This means that these attacks will deal double the damage to Ground Pokémon compared to other types.
  • Immunity: Ground Pokémon have a unique immunity to Electric-type moves when they are flying. However, when they are on the ground, this immunity is nullified, leaving them vulnerable to Electric-type attacks.
  • Move Sets: Many Electric-type Pokémon have access to powerful moves like Thunderbolt, Thunder, and Discharge, which can inflict significant damage to Ground Pokémon.
  • Strategy: Electric-type Pokémon can leverage their advantage against Ground Pokémon by exploiting their weakness. Trainers can strategically use Electric-type moves to take down Ground Pokémon quickly and efficiently.

Trainers should be cautious when facing Ground Pokémon with Electric-type Pokémon on their team. By exploiting Ground Pokémon’s weakness to Electric-type attacks, trainers can gain a significant advantage in battles and improve their chances of victory.

Water-Type Pokemon: A Threat to Ground-types

Water-type Pokemon pose a significant threat to Ground-type Pokemon due to their inherent advantages. Ground-type Pokemon are weak against Water-type moves, making battles between these two types particularly challenging for Ground-type trainers.

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Water-type Pokemon have access to a wide range of powerful moves that can deal massive damage to Ground-type Pokemon. Moves like Surf, Hydro Pump, and Waterfall can exploit the Ground-type Pokemon’s vulnerability and quickly whittle down their HP.

Additionally, Water-type Pokemon often have superior stats in terms of speed and special attack, allowing them to outmaneuver and outdamage their Ground-type opponents. This speed advantage can be critical in battles, as Water-type Pokemon can attack first and potentially KO the opposing Ground-type Pokemon before they have a chance to retaliate.

Furthermore, Water-type Pokemon have access to a plethora of diverse movesets. They can utilize ice-type moves like Ice Beam and Blizzard to exploit the Ground-type Pokemon’s weakness to ice. This makes Water-type Pokemon even more formidable against Ground-types.

Some Water-type Pokemon also have the ability to learn Electric-type moves, such as Thunderbolt and Thunder. Electric-type moves are super effective against Ground-type Pokemon, giving Water-type Pokemon an additional advantage in battles.

In conclusion, Water-type Pokemon are a significant threat to Ground-type Pokemon. Their access to powerful water and ice-type moves, as well as their superior stats, make them formidable opponents. Ground-type trainers must strategize carefully and consider alternative strategies when facing Water-type Pokemon to overcome their weaknesses and prevail in battles.

Grass-Type Moves: Piercing Ground Pokemon’s Defense

Ground-type Pokémon, known for their strength and stability, have a few weaknesses that trainers can exploit in battle. One of the most effective ways to counter Ground-type Pokémon is by using Grass-type moves.

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Grass-type moves come with a variety of skills that can pierce through the Ground Pokémon’s defense. They have an advantage over Ground types due to their effectiveness against them. These moves deal super effective damage, making them a great choice when battling against Ground-type opponents.

There are several Grass-type moves that can help trainers overcome the Ground-type’s sturdy defense. Some of the most powerful Grass-type moves include:

  • Energy Ball: This move fires a powerful ball of energy at the opponent, dealing damage and potentially lowering their Special Defense.
  • Leaf Blade: With this move, the user slashes the opponent with sharp, leafy blades. It has a high critical-hit ratio and deals significant damage.
  • Grass Knot: This move causes the user to bind the opponent with grass and trip them up, dealing damage based on the opponent’s weight. Heavier Pokémon suffer more damage.

In addition to these moves, Grass-type Pokémon themselves can be an effective counter to Ground-types. They can resist Ground-type moves and inflict super effective damage with their Grass-type moves.

Trainers should be cautious, however, as Ground-type Pokémon often have other dual types or moves that can still pose a threat to Grass-type Pokémon. Ground-type moves can be strong against Rock, Steel, Fire, and Electric types, so it’s important to have a well-rounded team and strategy when facing Ground-type opponents.

In summary, Grass-type moves are a valuable tool for trainers looking to pierce through Ground-type Pokémon’s strong defenses. With their super effectiveness, moves like Energy Ball, Leaf Blade, and Grass Knot can deal significant damage and give trainers an advantage in battle.


What types of Pokemon are ground Pokemon weak against?

Ground Pokemon are weak against water, grass, and ice type Pokemon.

Are ground type Pokemon weak against electric type Pokemon?

Yes, ground type Pokemon are weak against electric type Pokemon.

What are the advantages of using ground type Pokemon in battle?

Ground type Pokemon are strong against electric, poison, rock, steel, fire, and electric type Pokemon. They are also immune to electric attacks. This makes them versatile and useful in battles.

Why are ground type Pokemon weak against water type Pokemon?

Ground type Pokemon are weak against water type Pokemon because water has the advantage over ground in nature. Water can erode and wash away the earth, making it a natural weakness for ground type Pokemon.

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