What are some Toca Boca secrets?

Toca Life: Pets Secrets, Surprises and Helpful Tips

  • Turn on the night lights.
  • Create extra-special (or extra-gross) meals.
  • Find fantastical creatures.
  • Dance under a disco ball.
  • Uncover a secret hideout.
  • Reveal the secret of the mysterious mushrooms.

Which Toca Boca has a mall?

Toca Life: CityAnd with 3.1 million ways of personalizing the characters, Toca Life: City is Toca Boca’s most customizable and detailed app to date. Features: 4 locations to explore: loft apartment, shopping mall, hair salon and food park. 28 characters that are customizable in 3.1 million different ways.

YouTube video: What Is The Code In Toca Boca Mall?

How do I add places to Toca world?

Visit the shop in Toca Life World. 3. At the top of the shop you’ll see the icons of the Toca Life apps you have installed on device. Tap on one at a time (if several) and World will add the content of the app to the World map.

Who is Nari in Toca Boca?

Nari is one of the 4 main Toca Life: Stories videos characters. Nari wears a white torso with a turquoise pocket with a pastel peach zipper across and light pink sleeves, one rolled up which reveals a lighter pink and the other hanging past her hand. Her hair is a very dark brown, nearly black colour.