What Is The Treasury In Clash Of Clans? Everything You Need To Know


What Is The Treasury In Clash Of Clans?

In the popular mobile game Clash of Clans, players often come across a building called the Treasury. This building plays a crucial role in the game as it is responsible for storing a portion of the loot that is generated from successful attacks on other players’ bases. The Treasury acts as a bank for the resources that players accumulate, protecting them from being stolen by other players.

One of the main advantages of the Treasury is that it has a capacity that is significantly larger than any other storage building in Clash of Clans. This means that players can accumulate a large amount of resources without the fear of losing them in an attack. The Treasury also has the ability to generate bonus loot, known as the Star Bonus, which can be collected by players every day.

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But the benefits of the Treasury don’t end there. It also plays a crucial role in one of the most important aspects of the game: Clan Wars. During Clan Wars, players contribute a percentage of their loot to their clan’s Clan Castle, which is then stored in the Treasury. This loot can then be used by the clan to purchase beneficial items and upgrades, helping them gain an edge over their opponents in battle.

Overall, the Treasury is an essential building in Clash of Clans that not only protects players’ hard-earned resources but also plays a vital role in Clan Wars. Its large capacity, ability to generate bonus loot, and contribution to the Clan Castle make it a valuable asset for any player looking to progress in the game.

What is Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is a popular mobile strategy game developed and published by Supercell. It was released in August 2012 for iOS devices and later made available for Android devices in October 2013. The game quickly gained immense popularity and has since become one of the highest-grossing mobile games worldwide.

The main objective of Clash of Clans is to build and upgrade a village, train troops, and battle against other players or computer-controlled bases. Players can join clans, which allows them to participate in clan wars, donate troops to clanmates, and chat with other members. The game offers a mix of strategic planning, resource management, and real-time combat.

Clash of Clans features different types of resources such as gold, elixir, and dark elixir, which players must collect and manage to progress in the game. These resources are used to build and upgrade various structures, train troops, and research new technologies. Players can also attack other players’ bases to steal resources and earn trophies.

The game has a single-player campaign mode with dozens of levels where players can practice their strategies and earn rewards. Additionally, Clash of Clans regularly introduces new updates and features to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging for its millions of players.

Key Features of Clash of Clans:

  • Build and upgrade your village: Construct various buildings and defenses to protect your resources and fend off attacks from other players.
  • Train and upgrade troops: Recruit a variety of troops with different abilities and upgrade them to strengthen your army.
  • Join a clan: Form or join a clan to participate in clan wars, donate troops, and chat with other players.
  • Compete in multiplayer battles: Attack other players’ bases to steal resources, earn trophies, and climb the global leaderboard.
  • Complete the single-player campaign: Take on challenging levels to test your skills and earn rewards.
  • Participate in special events: Take part in limited-time events to earn exclusive rewards and bonuses.

Clash of Clans combines strategy, teamwork, and competitive multiplayer gameplay to provide an addictive and engaging experience for players of all ages. Its ever-evolving gameplay and loyal community contribute to its enduring popularity in the mobile gaming world.

The Treasury

The Treasury is a building in the game Clash of Clans that serves as a storage for resources that are obtained from various sources such as looting other players or collecting from resource buildings.


The main function of the Treasury is to protect a percentage of the loot that is obtained from the player’s attacks from being stolen by other players. This percentage varies depending on the level of the Treasury.

Resource Storage:

The Treasury has the capacity to store a certain amount of Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. The storage capacity increases as the Treasury is upgraded to higher levels. The stored resources can be used at any time for upgrading buildings, training troops, or researching upgrades.

Shield Protection:

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If a player’s village is attacked, a certain percentage of the loot that is protected in the Treasury will be saved from being stolen. This provides a safeguard for players who might be targeted by other players with the intention of stealing their resources.

Upgrade Levels:

The Treasury has a total of 13 levels, with each level increasing its storage capacity and protection percentage. The higher the level of the Treasury, the more loot will be saved from being stolen during attacks.

Golden Hour:

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The Golden Hour is a special event that occurs periodically in Clash of Clans. During this event, the Treasury protection percentage is temporarily increased, allowing players to save a larger portion of their loot from attacks. This is a great opportunity for players to accumulate resources and strengthen their village.


The Treasury is an essential building in Clash of Clans that provides protection for the player’s hard-earned resources. It allows players to store and accumulate resources without the fear of losing them to enemy attacks. Upgrading the Treasury is important for increasing its storage capacity and protection percentage, which can greatly benefit the player’s progress in the game.

How does the Treasury work?

The Treasury is a building in Clash of Clans that provides protection for a portion of your loot. When other players attack your village, they can steal a certain percentage of your available loot, which includes resources like Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. However, any loot that is stored in the Treasury is protected and cannot be stolen.

Here’s how the Treasury works:

  • The Treasury has a storage capacity that increases as you upgrade it. At level 1, it can hold up to 1 million Gold or Elixir, and at level 4, it can hold up to 4 million.
  • Any loot that you collect from collectors, mines, or war bonuses is automatically deposited into the Treasury.
  • Once the Treasury is full, any excess loot will be lost if you don’t spend it or upgrade your resources storages in time.
  • You can also manually transfer loot into the Treasury by tapping on the Treasury and selecting the “Transfer” option.

There are a few important things to keep in mind about the Treasury:

  • The Treasury protects loot from attackers, but it does not protect loot from being used to upgrade buildings or train troops. Before you can use the loot in the Treasury, it needs to be withdrawn.
  • When you withdraw loot from the Treasury, you can choose the amount you want to withdraw. However, there is a cooldown period before you can withdraw more loot.
  • If you are in a Clan, the Clan Castle also has a Treasury that functions similarly. Clan members can donate loot to the Clan Castle Treasury, and it can be used to help upgrade Clan Buildings or be shared with other Clan members.

The Treasury is a valuable tool for protecting your hard-earned loot from attackers in Clash of Clans. By utilizing it effectively, you can ensure that you have resources available when you need them most.

Benefits of the Treasury

  • Safe storage for loot: The Treasury provides a safe and secure storage for loot that you have collected from raids, Clan War bonuses, and other in-game sources. It protects your resources from being stolen by enemy attackers.
  • Increased loot capacity: The Treasury has a higher capacity than regular storages, allowing you to store more loot and resources. This means you can collect and save a larger amount of gold, elixir, and dark elixir before you need to spend or use them.
  • Clan War bonuses: When your Clan wins a war, the Clan War bonuses are automatically deposited into the Treasury. These bonuses can be collected by the Clan’s leaders and distributed among the Clan members as needed. The Treasury provides a convenient way to store and manage these bonuses.
  • Protection during shield time: When your village has a shield, the loot in your Treasury is also protected. This means that even if your village gets attacked while you have a shield, the loot stored in the Treasury will not be stolen.
  • Resource overflow protection: If your storages are full and you collect more resources, the excess resources will automatically be deposited into the Treasury. This prevents your resources from being wasted and ensures that you can still benefit from your raids and other in-game sources.
  • Upgrade assistance: The Treasury can be used to save up resources for expensive upgrades, such as Town Hall upgrades or costly defenses. By storing your loot in the Treasury, you can make sure you have enough resources when you need them, without having to keep them in vulnerable storages.


What is the Treasury?

The Treasury is a building in Clash of Clans that allows you to store and protect resources.

What can I store in the Treasury?

You can store Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir in the Treasury.

How does the Treasury protect my resources?

The Treasury has a certain level of hitpoints and its own storage capacity. If an attacker destroys the Treasury, they will only take a portion of the resources stored inside, while the rest will be safe.

How can I upgrade the Treasury?

You can upgrade the Treasury by using Builder Huts and spending resources. Each level upgrade increases the storage capacity and adds more hitpoints to the building.

Can I use the resources stored in the Treasury for upgrades and purchases?

No, the resources stored in the Treasury cannot be directly used for upgrades or purchases. They need to be transferred to the regular resource storages before you can use them.

What happens if my Treasury is full when I win a raid?

If your Treasury is full when you win a raid, the excess resources that cannot be stored will be lost. It’s important to regularly collect the resources from your Treasury to prevent wastage.

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