When Do People Usually Get Legendary Brawl Stars? Find out here!


When Do Ppl Usually Get Legendary Brawl Stars?

Are you eager to unlock legendary Brawl Stars in the popular mobile game Brawl Stars? Legendary Brawlers are the most coveted and powerful characters in the game, and getting one can greatly enhance your gaming experience. However, unlocking a legendary Brawler can be quite challenging and often requires luck and perseverance. In this article, we’ll explore the various ways players can increase their chances of getting a legendary Brawler and discuss the factors that influence when players typically obtain these rare characters.

One of the most common ways players obtain legendary Brawl Stars is through Brawl Boxes. These boxes can be earned by playing matches, completing quests, or purchasing them with in-game currency. The chances of getting a legendary Brawler from a Brawl Box are quite low, with the odds typically less than 1%. However, players can increase their chances by opening more boxes. The more boxes you open, the higher your chances of obtaining a legendary Brawler. It’s important to note that each box has an independent probability of containing a legendary Brawler, so previous outcomes do not affect the chances of future boxes.

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Another way players can acquire legendary Brawl Stars is through the Brawl Pass. The Brawl Pass is a premium feature that grants players exclusive rewards and additional opportunities to obtain rare Brawlers. By purchasing the Brawl Pass and progressing through its tiers, players can unlock special Brawl Boxes that have higher chances of containing legendary Brawlers. Additionally, completing challenges and earning tokens through the Brawl Pass can also increase the likelihood of obtaining legendary Brawlers.

Lastly, players can sometimes acquire legendary Brawlers through special events and promotions. From time to time, the game developers may introduce limited-time events or offer special deals that give players a higher chance of obtaining legendary Brawlers. These events often require players to complete specific tasks or participate in special game modes. Keeping an eye on the game’s announcements and participating in these events can significantly increase your chances of adding a legendary Brawler to your collection.

When Do People Usually Get Legendary Brawl Stars?

Getting a legendary Brawl Star in the game can be a thrilling experience for players. These powerful characters are rare and highly sought after, making them a valuable addition to any player’s roster. However, obtaining a legendary Brawl Star is not an easy task and often requires a combination of luck and skill.

Legendary Brawl Stars can be obtained through Brawl Boxes, Mega Boxes, and Brawl Pass Rewards. Brawl Boxes are the most common way to acquire new Brawlers and can be earned by simply playing the game or purchasing them with gems. Mega Boxes, on the other hand, have a higher chance of containing a legendary Brawl Star, but they are harder to come by and usually require real money to purchase.

As for Brawl Pass Rewards, they are exclusive to players who have purchased the Brawl Pass, a seasonal progression system in Brawl Stars. By completing various challenges and reaching higher tiers in the pass, players can unlock Brawl Boxes or Big Boxes that have a chance of containing a legendary Brawl Star.

It’s worth noting that the chance of getting a legendary Brawl Star is quite low. According to Supercell, the game developers, the drop rate for legendary Brawlers is approximately 0.1904% from normal Brawl Boxes and 0.7633% from Mega Boxes. This means that players will need to open a significant number of boxes to have a good chance of obtaining a legendary Brawl Star.

While there is no guaranteed method to obtain a legendary Brawl Star, some players have reported having better luck with opening boxes during special events or promotions. It’s believed that the drop rates may be slightly increased during these times, giving players a better chance at getting a legendary Brawler.

Overall, getting a legendary Brawl Star in Brawl Stars is a challenging task that requires both perseverance and luck. Players will need to open numerous boxes and take advantage of any special events or promotions to increase their chances. So, keep playing, open those boxes, and may luck be on your side as you strive to obtain a powerful legendary Brawl Star!

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Understanding the Rarity of Legendary Brawl Stars

In the mobile game Brawl Stars, legendary Brawlers are the most coveted and rare characters to obtain. These powerful and unique Brawlers have special abilities and often command attention on the battlefield.

Unlike common Brawlers, which can be acquired relatively easily, legendary Brawlers are extremely rare and can take a significant amount of time and luck to unlock. While some players may get lucky and obtain a legendary Brawler early on, many others may never get the chance to play with one.

One of the main reasons legendary Brawlers are so rare is because they have a much lower drop rate compared to other Brawlers. When opening Brawl Boxes, which are the main method of obtaining new Brawlers, the chance of getting a legendary Brawler is significantly lower than the chance of getting a common or rare Brawler. This means that players have to open a large number of boxes in order to increase their chances of getting a legendary Brawler.

Legendary Brawlers can also be obtained through special events and in-game promotions. These events often have specific requirements or conditions that players must meet in order to have a chance of unlocking a legendary Brawler. This adds an extra level of difficulty and exclusivity to obtaining these rare characters.

Furthermore, Brawl Stars occasionally introduces new legendary Brawlers, adding to the difficulty of obtaining them. With each new legendary Brawler added to the game, the pool of available Brawlers for players to unlock increases, making it even more challenging to get a specific legendary Brawler.

Overall, the rarity of legendary Brawlers in Brawl Stars contributes to their desirability and value. Their unique abilities and limited availability make them a symbol of prestige among players. If you’re lucky enough to unlock a legendary Brawler, you’ll have a powerful advantage in battles and a rare asset in your collection.

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Factors Affecting the Chances of Obtaining Legendary Brawl Stars

Obtaining a Legendary Brawl Star can be an exciting achievement in Brawl Stars, but the chances of getting one are generally quite low. Several factors can influence the likelihood of obtaining a Legendary Brawl Star, including:

  1. Drop rates: Each Brawl Star has a specific drop rate assigned to it. Legendary Brawl Stars typically have the lowest drop rate, making them the most difficult to obtain. The drop rates for Brawl Stars can vary depending on the game’s updates and balancing changes.
  2. Gem spending: Players who invest gems in Brawl Boxes or Mega Boxes have a higher chance of obtaining a Legendary Brawl Star. Opening more boxes increases the overall odds of finding a Legendary Brawl Star, but it does not guarantee it.
  3. Luck: Luck plays a significant role in obtaining a Legendary Brawl Star. Some players may be fortunate enough to get one early on, while others may have to open numerous boxes before finding one. It is entirely possible to obtain a Legendary Brawl Star without spending any money, purely based on luck.
  4. Event exclusivity: Certain Legendary Brawl Stars may only be available during specific events or limited-time promotions. These exclusivity factors can affect the chances of obtaining a specific Legendary Brawl Star.
  5. Battle Pass: Brawl Stars periodically introduces a Battle Pass, which provides players with additional rewards and exclusive Brawl Stars. Some Legendary Brawl Stars may be exclusively available through the Battle Pass, increasing the chances of obtaining them for players who purchase it.
  6. Game updates: Balancing changes and updates to Brawl Stars can impact drop rates and the overall chances of obtaining a Legendary Brawl Star. It is essential to stay updated on changes made by the game developers.

Remember that obtaining a Legendary Brawl Star is ultimately a matter of chance and luck. While these factors can indirectly influence the odds, it is important to enjoy the game and not solely focus on obtaining legendary characters. Good luck and have fun playing Brawl Stars!

Strategies to Increase Your Chances of Getting Legendary Brawl Stars

Getting a legendary Brawl Star in Brawl Stars can be a challenging task, but with the right strategies, you can increase your chances of obtaining one. Here are some tips to help you on your quest for legendary Brawl Stars:

  1. Save your Gems: Gems are a valuable resource in Brawl Stars, and they can be used to purchase Brawl Boxes, which have a chance of containing legendary Brawl Stars. It’s important to save up your Gems and resist the temptation to spend them on other items to increase your chances of getting a legendary.
  2. Join a Club: Joining a Club in Brawl Stars can provide you with opportunities to play with skilled players who may have already obtained legendary Brawl Stars. By playing with experienced players, you can learn from their strategies and increase your own skills, which may in turn increase your chances of getting a legendary Brawl Star.
  3. Participate in Events: Brawl Stars regularly hosts events that offer unique rewards, including Brawl Boxes. By participating in these events and completing the challenges, you can earn more Brawl Boxes and have a higher chance of getting a legendary Brawl Star.
  4. Upgrade your Brawlers: Upgrading your Brawlers is essential in Brawl Stars, as it improves their overall stats and abilities. By investing in and upgrading your Brawlers, you can increase your chances of performing well in matches and earning more rewards, including Brawl Boxes that may contain legendary Brawl Stars.
  5. Patience and Persistence: Obtaining a legendary Brawl Star may require some time and patience. It’s important to keep playing the game, completing quests, and opening Brawl Boxes to increase your chances. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get a legendary right away – keep at it and eventually your efforts may pay off.

Remember that getting a legendary Brawl Star is a combination of luck and skill. While these strategies may improve your chances, there is no guarantee. So, keep having fun, enjoy the game, and who knows – you may be rewarded with a legendary Brawl Star sooner than you think!


Is it possible to get legendary Brawl Stars when you first start playing the game?

No, it is not possible to get legendary Brawl Stars when you first start playing the game. Legendary Brawlers are the rarest and most powerful characters in the game, and they are usually unlocked after reaching a certain trophy level or by opening Brawl Boxes.

What are the different ways to obtain legendary Brawl Stars?

There are several ways to obtain legendary Brawl Stars. One way is by reaching a certain trophy level. For example, some legendary Brawlers can only be unlocked once you reach 300 or 500 trophies. Another way is by opening Brawl Boxes. Although the chances are very low, there is a possibility of getting a legendary Brawler from a Brawl Box. Lastly, there are also special limited-time events or promotions that may offer a specific legendary Brawler as a reward.

Do legendary Brawl Stars have any special abilities or powers?

Yes, legendary Brawl Stars have unique abilities and powers that set them apart from other Brawlers. These abilities can vary depending on the specific legendary Brawler. For example, some may have the ability to teleport, while others may have powerful area-of-effect attacks. These special abilities make legendary Brawlers highly sought after and valuable in battles.

Are legendary Brawl Stars stronger than other Brawlers?

Yes, legendary Brawl Stars are generally stronger than other Brawlers. They often have higher stats, such as increased health or damage, and their special abilities can give them a significant advantage in battles. However, it is important to note that skill and strategy also play a crucial role in winning battles, so having a legendary Brawler does not guarantee victory.

Can you purchase legendary Brawl Stars with real money?

No, legendary Brawl Stars cannot be directly purchased with real money. They can only be obtained through gameplay by reaching certain milestones or by opening Brawl Boxes. However, players can purchase in-game currency or special offers that may increase their chances of obtaining a legendary Brawler indirectly.

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