How do you get banned from Brawl Stars?

What determines a ban’s length?

  1. Someone else is playing my account!
  2. Don’t be a cheat!
  3. Cheaper Gems/Diamonds are a scam.
  4. A bought account is never yours.
  5. Phishing for accounts is not okay!
  6. Supercell and Third Party Licenses.
  7. List of unacceptable behaviour.
  8. Sharing your account is never okay!

What does it mean to be reported in Hay Day?

If a person gets 4 – 5 reports simultaneously, the server of Hay Day gets alerted and they check what is the problem, if they find you were inappropriate in the chat or did something to break the TOS of game they can put you on a ban temporarily as a warning and then permanently! 2. Additional comment actions.

YouTube video: Brawl Stars How To Report?

Can you report players in clash Royale?

Just tap on the chat message and tap on “Report.” Some of our games support reporting offensive player names in the player profile. Tap on a player’s name in their profile and tap on “Report.”

How do I get unbanned from Brawlstars?

How to Submit a Brawl Stars Unban Appeal. In order to send an appeal to get unbanned from Brawl Stars, you must first go on their Support Center here. Once you’re on the Supercell Player Support page, scroll down to the bottom of the page, then click on the “Contact Us” link.

Is using VPN against supercell TOS?

No, using VPN isn’t against our TOS.