Everything you need to know about Glamour in Final Fantasy 14


A comprehensive guide to understanding and mastering Glamour in Final Fantasy 14

Glamour is a unique feature in the popular MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 that allows players to customize the appearance of their characters’ gear. The system offers a wide range of options for players to create their desired looks, whether it be through changing the color, style, or even the entire appearance of their equipment.

One of the key aspects of Glamour is the ability to “cast” the appearance of one item onto another. This means that players can make their gear look like any other item they have previously obtained, regardless of its level or stats. This opens up endless possibilities for players to create unique and personalized outfits for their characters.

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In order to use Glamour, players must first obtain a Glamour Prism, a special consumable item that is used to cast the appearance of one item onto another. These prisms can be crafted by players with the appropriate crafting profession or purchased from other players through the in-game market board. Once a Glamour Prism is acquired, players can use it in combination with a Glamour Dresser, a special wardrobe-like item that stores and applies Glamour onto equipment.

Glamour is not only limited to the player’s character gear but can also be applied to their minions, mounts, and even housing items. This allows players to create a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic for not only their characters but also their in-game surroundings. The ability to express one’s creativity through Glamour has made it a beloved feature among the Final Fantasy 14 community.


Glamour is a versatile and highly customizable feature in Final Fantasy 14 that allows players to truly make their characters and game world their own. Whether it be through creating unique outfits for their characters or designing a visually stunning player housing, Glamour provides endless possibilities for players to express their creativity. So, if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and make a statement with your character’s appearance, be sure to explore the world of Glamour in Final Fantasy 14.

Everything you need to know about Glamour in Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 features a unique system called Glamour, which allows players to change the appearance of their equipment without affecting its stats. This system allows players to create their own unique looks and express their individuality in the game. Here’s everything you need to know about Glamour in Final Fantasy 14:

  1. Unlocking Glamour: To access the Glamour system, you need to reach level 50 and complete the quest “The Ultimate Weapon” in the main scenario. Once you’ve completed this quest, you can unlock Glamour by speaking to the NPC Talan in Mor Dhona.
  2. Glamour Prisms: To change the appearance of your equipment, you need to use Glamour Prisms, which can be crafted or purchased from other players. There are different types of Glamour Prisms for each type of equipment, such as weapon, armor, and accessories.
  3. Glamour Dresser: The Glamour Dresser is a furniture item that allows you to store and organize your Glamour gear. You can access the Glamour Dresser by speaking to the NPC Joyceline in any of the major cities. The Glamour Dresser has a limited number of storage slots, so you may need to purchase additional wardrobes to store more gear.
  4. Glamour Plates: With the introduction of Patch 5.1, players can now save their Glamour combinations as Glamour Plates. This feature allows you to quickly switch between different Glamour outfits without the need to manually apply Glamour Prisms each time. Glamour Plates can be accessed and changed using the Glamour Dresser.
  5. Glamour Dispeller: If you no longer wish to use the Glamour appearance on your gear, you can remove it using a Glamour Dispeller. Glamour Dispellers can be purchased from vendors or crafted by players. Using a Glamour Dispeller will restore your gear to its original appearance.
  6. Glamour Contest: Final Fantasy 14 periodically holds Glamour contests for players to showcase their fashion creations. These contests allow players to compete for various in-game rewards and recognition from the community. Participating in these contests is a great way to show off your unique style!

Glamour in Final Fantasy 14 is a fun and creative way to customize your character’s appearance. Whether you want to look like a fierce warrior or an elegant mage, the Glamour system offers endless possibilities for fashion-forward adventurers. So go ahead and start experimenting with different Glamour combinations to create your own signature look!

Glamour Points and Rewards

As you participate in glamour activities in Final Fantasy 14, you can earn Glamour Points to unlock various rewards. These rewards can enhance your character’s appearance and provide additional customization options. Here’s everything you need to know about Glamour Points and the rewards you can earn:

  • You earn Glamour Points by completing glamour-related quests, participating in the Glamour Contest, and achieving high scores in the Glamour Nexus. Each activity offers a different amount of Glamour Points, so make sure to engage in different glamour activities to maximize your earnings.
  • Glamour Points can be exchanged for a wide range of rewards, including special costumes, hairstyles, accessories, emotes, and more. These rewards are exclusive to the Glamour system and cannot be obtained through regular gameplay.
  • Some rewards may have specific requirements, such as reaching a certain level or completing a particular quest. Make sure to check the requirements before attempting to redeem your Glamour Points for a specific reward.
  • The Glamour Points system is designed to encourage players to continuously engage in glamour activities and explore different customization options. The more Glamour Points you earn, the more rewards you can unlock, allowing you to further enhance your character’s appearance.
  • Glamour Points do not have an expiration date, so you can save them up and use them whenever you want. However, keep in mind that new rewards may be added to the Glamour system periodically, so it’s worth checking the available options regularly to see if there’s something new that catches your eye.

In conclusion, Glamour Points are a valuable currency in Final Fantasy 14’s Glamour system. By participating in glamour activities and earning Glamour Points, you can unlock exclusive rewards and enhance your character’s appearance. So, start glamouring and collecting those Glamour Points to create the perfect look for your character!

Glamour Transmogrification

Glamour Transmogrification is a feature in Final Fantasy 14 that allows players to customize the appearance of their equipment without changing its stats or attributes. This feature is commonly known as “glamour” among players and is a popular way to personalize and express individual style within the game.

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With Glamour Transmogrification, players can transform the look of their gear into different appearances and styles. This means that even if a player has powerful equipment with great stats, they can still choose to have their character’s appearance reflect a different set of gear. Players can create unique and customized outfits by mixing and matching different pieces of equipment while maintaining the stats and attributes of their preferred gear.

The process of Glamour Transmogrification involves the use of Glamour Prisms, special items that are consumed during the transformation process. These prisms can be crafted by players or purchased from various vendors in the game. Each piece of equipment that a player wishes to glamour requires one Glamour Prism, and the process can be repeated as many times as desired, allowing for endless customization options.

It is important to note that Glamour Transmogrification only affects the appearance of a player’s gear and does not alter its stats or attributes. This means that players can maintain optimal performance in battles and challenging content while still looking stylish and unique. Players can also change their glamour outfits whenever they desire, making it easy to adapt their appearance to different events, environments, or personal preferences.

In addition to personal customization, Glamour Transmogrification also encourages social interaction among players. Gamers often showcase their fashionable outfits, creating opportunities for discussions, compliments, and sharing of style tips. Many players take pride in their glamour creations and enjoy the camaraderie and sense of community that comes from appreciating each other’s fashion choices.

Glamour Transmogrification has become an integral part of the Final Fantasy 14 experience, allowing players to express their creativity and individuality within the game world. Whether players prefer a classic and elegant look or a bold and extravagant style, Glamour Transmogrification offers endless possibilities for personalization and self-expression. So why settle for ordinary when you can be extraordinary with glamour?

Screenshot Contest and Social Sharing

Final Fantasy 14 offers players the opportunity to participate in the Screenshot Contest, an exciting event that allows them to showcase their creative talents and capture the beauty of the game’s world. This contest encourages players to explore the various landscapes, cities, and characters found within Final Fantasy 14 and capture them in stunning screenshots.

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Participants can submit their entries by sharing their screenshots on social media platforms such as Twitter, using the designated hashtag for the contest. This not only allows players to showcase their entries to a wider audience but also creates a sense of community and engagement among players as they interact with and support each other’s submissions.

The Screenshot Contest is not only a way for players to express their artistic abilities but also a chance to win fabulous prizes. The winners of the contest are selected by a panel of judges based on the creativity, composition, and overall visual impact of the submitted screenshots. These prizes can range from in-game items and currency to exclusive in-game titles and recognition from the Final Fantasy 14 community.

Additionally, Final Fantasy 14 promotes social sharing by providing players with built-in tools to capture and share their gameplay moments. The game features a photo mode that allows players to pause gameplay and freely position their camera to capture stunning screenshots. These screenshots can then be instantly shared with friends and followers on social media platforms, further encouraging players to connect and engage with the community.

Final Fantasy 14 recognizes the importance of player creativity and expression, and the Screenshot Contest and social sharing features provide players with an avenue to showcase their talents and share their experiences with others. This not only enriches the overall gameplay experience but also fosters a vibrant and supportive community within the Final Fantasy 14 universe.


What is glamour in Final Fantasy 14?

Glamour in Final Fantasy 14 is a feature that allows players to customize the appearance of their equipment, without affecting its stats or abilities.

How do I access the glamour system in Final Fantasy 14?

The glamour system can be accessed by talking to the Glamour Dresser NPC located in the inn rooms of the major cities. Players can also access the glamour system through the “Character” menu and selecting the “Appearance” tab.

What items can be glamoured in Final Fantasy 14?

In Final Fantasy 14, players can glamorize their weapons, armor, and accessories. This includes items from all levels and types, as long as they can be equipped and do not have any restrictions.

Are there any restrictions on glamour in Final Fantasy 14?

There are some restrictions on glamour in Final Fantasy 14. Glamour cannot be applied to certain types of items, such as racial exclusive gear or items that have already been dyed. Additionally, some items may have level or job requirements that need to be met.

Can I undo glamour in Final Fantasy 14?

Yes, glamour can be undone in Final Fantasy 14. Players can simply remove the glamour plates from their equipment to revert it back to its original appearance.

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