How to Build a Spice Rack in Valheim: Step-by-Step Guide


How to make a spice rack in Valheim

Valheim, the popular survival game, offers players a variety of options for creating and customizing their bases. One essential feature for any thriving settlement is a spice rack. A spice rack not only helps keep your cooking ingredients organized, but it also adds a touch of realism and functionality to your virtual home.

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To build a spice rack in Valheim, you’ll need a few key materials and follow a simple step-by-step guide. First, gather the necessary resources: wood, iron nails, and a hammer. Wood is a common material found throughout the game’s world, while iron nails can be crafted using iron scraps. Once you have these materials, you’re ready to begin building your spice rack.

Start by crafting a workbench if you haven’t already done so. The workbench is an essential tool for crafting a variety of items in Valheim, including the spice rack. Once you have a workbench, open the crafting menu and select the spice rack option. Use the wood and iron nails you’ve gathered to create the spice rack blueprint.

With the blueprint in hand, it’s time to find the perfect location for your spice rack. Choose a spot in your base’s kitchen area or wherever you prefer to cook. Once you’ve selected a location, use the hammer to build the spice rack. Follow the blueprint’s instructions and place the necessary materials in the right spots.

Once your spice rack is built, it’s time to start organizing your spices. You can find various herbs and spices throughout Valheim’s world, and storing them in your spice rack will make cooking a breeze. Simply interact with the spice rack to access its inventory and place your spices inside.

Building a spice rack in Valheim not only adds a functional element to your base but also enhances the immersive experience of living in a virtual world. With the step-by-step guide provided, you’ll be well on your way to creating a well-organized and efficient cooking space in Valheim.

How to Build a Spice Rack in Valheim: Step-by-Step Guide

Building a spice rack in Valheim is a great way to organize your cooking ingredients and make your kitchen look more organized. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to build a spice rack in Valheim.

Materials Needed

  • Workbench - Level 1
  • Wood x10
  • Copper x2

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Before you can start building a spice rack, you will need to gather the necessary materials. Make sure you have the required materials listed above.

Step 2: Craft a Workbench

In order to build any structure in Valheim, you will need a workbench. If you haven’t already, craft a workbench at a workbench level 1 using wood x10 and copper x2.

Step 3: Find a Suitable Location

Once you have a workbench, find a suitable location in your base where you want to build your spice rack. It’s best to choose a spot near your cooking area for convenience.

Step 4: Place the Workbench

With your workbench in hand, go to the desired location and place it down by pressing the placement button. Make sure the workbench is facing the right direction.

Step 5: Open the Workbench Menu

Interact with the workbench and open the workbench menu. This will allow you to access the available building options.

Step 6: Navigate to the Furniture Tab

In the workbench menu, navigate to the furniture tab. This is where you will find the different furniture pieces you can build.

Step 7: Select the Spice Rack

Scroll through the furniture options and select the spice rack. Make sure you have the required materials available in your inventory.

Step 8: Place the Spice Rack

With the spice rack selected, go back to your desired location and place it down by pressing the placement button. Adjust the position if needed.

Step 9: Use the Spice Rack

Once the spice rack is placed, you can now use it to store your cooking ingredients. Open the spice rack by interacting with it and place your spices inside.

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Step 10: Enjoy your Organized Kitchen

With the spice rack built and your spices neatly organized, you can now enjoy a more organized and efficient kitchen in Valheim. Happy cooking!


The spice rack in Valheim offers several features:

  • Storage: The spice rack provides storage space for various spices and ingredients. It helps in organizing the kitchen and keeping the ingredients easily accessible.
  • Customization: Players can customize their spice racks by adding different types of spices and arranging them in a way that suits their preferences or aesthetic. This allows for personalization and adds to the overall visual appeal of the kitchen area.
  • Buff Effects: Placing different spices in the spice rack can provide buff effects to the player. These buffs can enhance attributes such as health regeneration, stamina regeneration, or even improve certain skills temporarily.
  • Crafting Recipes: The spice rack is essential for unlocking and crafting certain recipes in Valheim. With the spice rack, players can experiment with different combinations of spices and ingredients to unlock new food recipes that provide specific bonuses or effects.
  • Roleplay Element: The spice rack adds a roleplay element to the game by simulating a kitchen and cooking experience. It allows players to immerse themselves in the world of Valheim and engage in activities that go beyond simple survival.

In summary, the spice rack in Valheim offers storage, customization, buff effects, unlocks new recipes, and adds a roleplay element to the game. It is a useful and versatile feature that enhances the overall gameplay experience.


In Valheim, the survival aspect of the game is essential to progressing and thriving in the harsh Viking world. Here are some key tips and strategies to help you survive:

  • Gather Resources: Collecting resources such as wood, stone, and ore is crucial for crafting tools, weapons, and buildings. Explore the world and mine or chop down trees to gather these materials.
  • Build a Base: Creating a secure base is essential for protecting yourself from enemies and providing a place to rest, cook food, and store your belongings. Consider building walls, gates, and even moats to defend against hostile creatures.
  • Hunt for Food: Food is necessary for sustaining your character’s health and stamina. Hunt animals such as boars and deer for meat, or fish in lakes and rivers. Cook the food on a campfire or in a cooking station to make it more beneficial.
  • Craft Weapons: Weapons are crucial for defending yourself against enemies. Craft a basic weapon like a bow or a spear, and upgrade them as you progress in the game. Don’t forget to repair your weapons to keep them effective.
  • Explore Caves: Caves are dangerous but rewarding locations to explore. Bring torches to light your way, and be prepared to face enemies and collect valuable resources like ores and gems.
  • Upgrade Your Gear: As you defeat enemies and collect resources, you can use them to upgrade your armor, weapons, and tools. Upgraded gear will provide better protection, increased damage, and improved effectiveness.
  • Prepare for Boss Fights: Throughout the game, you’ll encounter powerful bosses that must be defeated to progress. Research their weaknesses, gather necessary resources, and build a strategy before facing them to increase your chances of success.
  • Cooperate With Others: Valheim allows multiplayer gameplay, so teaming up with friends or other players can greatly enhance your survival experience. Work together to gather resources, defeat enemies, and build a thriving settlement.

By following these survival tips, you’ll increase your chances of surviving in the unforgiving world of Valheim and successfully progress through the game.


Valheim is a popular survival game developed by Iron Gate Studio. Released in February 2021, it quickly gained a large player base and received many positive reviews. In Valheim, players take on the role of a Viking warrior who must navigate a vast open-world environment, gather resources, build structures, and battle mythical creatures to achieve glory and ascend to Valhalla.

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The game offers a unique blend of crafting, exploration, and combat, with players having the freedom to shape their own narrative and playstyle. From constructing epic fortresses to embarking on perilous expeditions across the sea, Valheim presents players with countless opportunities for adventure and discovery.

One of the key elements of Valheim is the ability to build and customize your own base. Players can create a variety of structures, including houses, workshops, and even elaborate fortifications. These bases serve as a safe haven where players can rest, craft items, and store their treasures.

To build structures in Valheim, players need to gather resources, such as wood, stone, and metal, through mining, chopping down trees, and defeating enemies. These resources can then be used at workbenches to craft a wide range of items and structures.

In addition to base building, Valheim also features a deep cooking system. Players can hunt and gather various ingredients, such as meat, fish, and vegetables, to create meals that provide various beneficial effects, such as increased health regeneration or stamina boost.

The game’s world is procedurally generated, meaning that each playthrough offers a unique experience. Players can explore dense forests, treacherous mountains, and vast plains, encountering different biomes and creatures along the way. Each biome presents its own set of challenges and rewards, encouraging players to adapt their strategies and explore further.

Valheim also supports multiplayer, allowing players to team up with friends and embark on adventures together. Whether it’s building a thriving community or venturing into dangerous dungeons, cooperative play adds a new dimension to the game and fosters teamwork and collaboration.

In conclusion, Valheim is a captivating survival game that offers a rich and immersive experience. Its blend of exploration, crafting, and combat provides endless possibilities for players to create their own unique stories in a Viking-inspired world. With its compelling gameplay mechanics and beautiful visuals, Valheim is sure to continue captivating players for a long time to come.


What materials do I need to build a spice rack in Valheim?

To build a spice rack in Valheim, you will need 10 Fine Wood, 4 Bronze Nails, and a Workbench. Fine Wood can be obtained by chopping down Birch and Oak trees, while Bronze Nails can be crafted at a Forge using 2 Bronze each.

Can I place the spice rack inside my house?

Yes, you can place the spice rack inside your house or any other structure you have built in Valheim. Just make sure you have enough space to fit the spice rack.

How do I unlock the recipe for the spice rack?

The recipe for the spice rack can be unlocked by obtaining the Artisan Table. You can find the Artisan Table in the Black Forest biome. Once you have the Artisan Table, you can scroll through the available recipes and unlock the spice rack.

What are the benefits of having a spice rack in Valheim?

Having a spice rack in Valheim allows you to store and organize your cooking ingredients more efficiently. It also adds a nice visual touch to your home or base.

Can I decorate the spice rack with items?

Yes, you can decorate the spice rack with various items in Valheim. Some popular choices include placing bottles, bowls, or other kitchen items on the rack to give it a more realistic and immersive look.

Is the spice rack purely cosmetic, or does it have any gameplay functionality?

The spice rack in Valheim is mainly a cosmetic item and does not have any direct gameplay functionality. However, it can help you stay organized and make your cooking area look more aesthetically pleasing.

Can I place multiple spice racks in Valheim?

Yes, you can place multiple spice racks in Valheim. This allows you to have multiple storage spaces for your cooking ingredients and spices. Just make sure you have enough resources to build additional spice racks.

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