Master Cecilion's Abilities and Tactics in Mobile Legends


How To Use Cecilion Mobile Legends?

Cecilion is a hero in Mobile Legends who specializes in magical damage and crowd control. With his unique abilities and powerful skills, he can dominate the battlefield and easily take down enemies. In this guide, we will explore Cecilion’s abilities and tactics, helping you become a master of this hero.

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1. Moonlit Waltz: Cecilion’s passive ability, Moonlit Waltz, grants him a shield and increases his movement speed when he deals damage to enemy heroes. This ability allows Cecilion to quickly move around the battlefield, making him a difficult target for enemies.

2. Shadow Bat: Cecilion’s first skill, Shadow Bat, releases a bat that deals magical damage to enemies in a straight line. This skill can be used to poke enemies from a distance and clear minion waves quickly. Use it wisely to maximize damage to multiple enemies.

3. Sanguine Claws: Cecilion’s second skill, Sanguine Claws, is a short-range dash that deals magical damage to enemies in an area around him. This skill is great for engaging enemies and setting up combos. Use it to quickly close the gap between you and your enemies and unleash devastating damage.

4. Bat Impact: Cecilion’s ultimate skill, Bat Impact, releases a swarm of bats that deals massive magical damage to enemies within its range. This skill is perfect for team fights and can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Make sure to position yourself strategically before using this skill to catch as many enemies as possible.

Tactics: To effectively use Cecilion, it is important to stay mobile and position yourself well. Take advantage of his passive ability to quickly move around the battlefield, making it difficult for enemies to target you. Use Shadow Bat to poke enemies from a distance and clear minion waves. Use Sanguine Claws to engage enemies and set up combos. And finally, unleash the power of Bat Impact during team fights to deal massive damage and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Mastering Cecilion’s abilities and tactics requires practice and understanding of his strengths and weaknesses. With proper utilization of his skills and strategic positioning, you will become a formidable force on the battlefield and lead your team to victory.

Master Cecilion: Overview, Abilities, and Tactics

Master Cecilion is a powerful Mage hero in Mobile Legends. With his vampire-themed skills and devastating magic attacks, he can control the battlefield and eliminate enemies with ease. Here is an overview of Cecilion’s abilities and tactics:


  1. Passive Ability: Shadow Embrace Cecilion gains stacks of Shadow Embrace whenever he uses a skill or lands basic attacks on enemies. Each stack increases his magic lifesteal. When the stacks reach the maximum limit, his skills gain enhanced effects.
  2. Skill 1: Bat Impact Cecilion releases a swarm of bats in a specified direction, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit. If this skill hits a target affected by Shadow Embrace, the bats will latch onto the target and deal additional magic damage over time.
  3. Skill 2: Sanguine Claws Cecilion summons multiple blood orbs that rotate around him, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. He also gains a shield that absorbs damage. If an enemy affected by Shadow Embrace is hit by the blood orbs, they will explode and deal additional magic damage.
  4. Ultimate Skill: Bats Feast Cecilion marks a target area, summoning a rain of bats that continuously attack enemies within the area. Each bat attack deals magic damage. If an enemy affected by Shadow Embrace is hit by the bats, they will receive additional magic damage and their movement speed will be reduced.


  • Harass with Skill 1: Use Cecilion’s Skill 1 to poke and harass enemies from a safe distance. Aim for targets affected by Shadow Embrace for maximum damage.
  • Combo with Skill 2: Follow up with Skill 2 after using Skill 1 to deal additional damage and apply crowd control effects to enemies. The blood orbs can also provide a shield for defense.
  • Synchronize Ultimate with Allies: Coordinate with your teammates to initiate team fights. Use Cecilion’s Ultimate Skill in combination with crowd control abilities from other heroes to maximize the damage output and secure kills.
  • Positioning and Mobility: Since Cecilion is immobile, positioning is crucial to avoid getting caught by enemy crowd control. Stay near tanks or use flicker to escape dangerous situations.
  • Farming and Objectives: Focus on farming to gain gold and experience. Once you have a significant advantage, help your team secure objectives such as towers and the Lord to push the enemy team and win the game.

Master Cecilion is a formidable mage hero capable of dominating the battlefield with his deadly skills. Practice using his abilities effectively and strategize with your team to achieve victory in Mobile Legends.

Overview of Cecilion’s Abilities

Cecilion is a powerful mage hero in Mobile Legends with an array of devastating abilities. His abilities allow him to control and dominate team fights, making him a formidable force on the battlefield.

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Passive: Shadow Bat

Cecilion’s passive ability is called Shadow Bat. This ability allows him to regenerate energy every time he deals damage to enemies. The more damage he deals, the more energy he regenerates. This allows Cecilion to continuously cast his abilities and maintain his dominance in team fights.

First Ability: Bat Impact

With Bat Impact, Cecilion releases a bat projectile that deals magic damage to enemies and slows them down. This ability is a great way to initiate fights and catch enemies off guard. It also helps in controlling the enemy’s movement and positioning, making it easier for Cecilion and his team to secure kills.

Second Ability: Sanguine Claws

Sanguine Claws is Cecilion’s second ability, which releases bats that attack nearby enemies. These bats deal magic damage and slow down enemies. This ability is great for dealing continuous damage in team fights and also helps in keeping enemies at a distance.

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Ultimate: Bat Impact

Cecilion’s ultimate ability, Bat Impact, is a powerful spell that deals massive magic damage to enemies in a target area. This ability has a wide range and can hit multiple enemies at once, making it devastating in team fights. It can turn the tide of battle and help secure kills for Cecilion and his team.

Combos and Tactics

When playing Cecilion, it is important to use his abilities strategically to maximize their effectiveness. Use Bat Impact to initiate fights and catch enemies off guard, then follow up with Sanguine Claws to deal continuous damage and control the enemy’s movement. Finally, unleash Bat Impact to obliterate enemies and secure kills. With proper positioning and timing, Cecilion can dominate team fights and lead his team to victory.


Cecilion is a powerful mage hero in Mobile Legends with a set of devastating abilities that allow him to control team fights and secure kills. With his energy regeneration and high damage output, he is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Mastering his abilities and using them strategically is the key to success when playing Cecilion.

Tactics to Maximize Cecilion’s Power

As a powerful mage in Mobile Legends, Cecilion has the potential to deal massive damage to his enemies. To maximize his power and dominate the battlefield, follow these tactics:

  1. Positioning is Key: Cecilion relies on his skills to deal damage, so positioning yourself in the right spot is crucial. Stay behind your tank heroes or use your range to poke enemies from a safe distance.
  2. Focus on Farming: Farming is essential for any hero, and Cecilion is no exception. Make sure to last hit minions and jungle monsters to gain experience and gold. This will help you level up and get the items you need to become stronger.
  3. Harass with Phantom Wind: Cecilion’s first skill, Phantom Wind, is a great tool for harassing enemies. Use it to poke enemies from a distance and slowly whittle down their health before engaging in a fight.
  4. Utilize Bat Impact’s Crowd Control: Cecilion’s second skill, Bat Impact, not only deals damage but also provides crowd control. Use it to stun enemies and set up kills for your team. Coordinate with your teammates to maximize the effectiveness of this skill.
  5. Combine Ultimate and Sanguine Claws: Cecilion’s ultimate, Sanguine Claws, deals massive damage to enemies in a large area. Use it in combination with his passive, Sanguine Claws, to deal even more damage. When your ultimate is activated, continuously hit enemies to trigger your passive and unleash devastating damage.
  6. Build the Right Items: Choosing the right items for Cecilion is essential to maximize his power. Items like Lightning Truncheon and Holy Crystal can greatly increase his damage output. Consult with your team’s tank or support player to determine the best items to build for Cecilion in each game.
  7. Communicate and Coordinate: As with any hero, communication and coordination with your teammates are vital. Let your team know when your ultimate is ready or when you need assistance. Work together to secure kills and objectives on the map.

By following these tactics, you can maximize Cecilion’s power and become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.


What are Cecilion’s abilities?

Cecilion has three abilities: Bat Impact, Sanguine Claws, and Bat Flutter. Bat Impact allows him to throw a bat in a straight line, damaging enemies along the way. Sanguine Claws allows Cecilion to summon bats that deal damage to enemies in a certain area. Lastly, Bat Flutter allows Cecilion to dash in a certain direction and deal damage to enemies in his path.

How should I use Cecilion’s abilities in battle?

Cecilion’s abilities should be used strategically in battle. Start off with Bat Impact to poke at enemies from a distance. Follow up with Sanguine Claws to deal damage to multiple enemies at once, especially in team fights. Use Bat Flutter to reposition yourself and avoid incoming attacks. Remember to use Cecilion’s ultimate ability, Moonlit Waltz, when it’s available to deal massive damage to enemies in a certain area.

What are some tactics to play Cecilion effectively?

To play Cecilion effectively, stay at the backline of your team and use your long range abilities to poke at enemies. Position yourself strategically in team fights to avoid being targeted by the enemy team. Communicate with your team to coordinate attacks and take advantage of Cecilion’s crowd control abilities. Farm consistently to level up and increase your damage output. Finally, prioritize building items that increase your ability power to maximize your damage potential.

Who are some good heroes to pair with Cecilion in a team composition?

Cecilion works well with heroes who can initiate team fights and protect him in the backline. Tanks like Tigreal and Atlas can provide crowd control and protection for Cecilion. Support heroes like Angela and Estes can heal and enhance Cecilion’s abilities. Additionally, heroes with strong area of effect damage like Pharsa and Zhask can complement Cecilion’s damage output. Coordinate with your team to draft a well-rounded team composition that can make the most out of Cecilion’s abilities.

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