Learn how to craft a lox saddle in Valheim and embark on epic rides with these massive wooly tanks!


How to craft a lox saddle in Valheim and ride those big wooly tanks

If you’ve ever dreamed of taming and riding a giant, wooly beast in Valheim, now is your chance! With the introduction of lox saddles, players can now craft these specialized saddles and embark on epic rides across the beautiful landscapes of this mythical survival game. Whether you’re looking to explore the vast plains or go head-to-head with formidable enemies, the lox saddle is your ticket to adventure.

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To craft a lox saddle, you’ll need a few key ingredients. First and foremost, you’ll need a lox trophy, which can be obtained by defeating a lox, a formidable creature that roams the plains. You’ll also need a handful of fine wood, which can be gathered from birch trees scattered throughout the world. Finally, you’ll need a few leather scraps, which can be obtained by killing boars and processing their hides.

Once you have gathered all the necessary materials, head over to the workbench and craft your lox saddle. The crafting process is relatively straightforward, but be prepared for a time-consuming endeavor. After all, taming a giant creature like a lox requires skill and dedication.

With your newly crafted lox saddle in hand, it’s time to hop on your lox and take to the open plains. These massive wooly tanks can carry you across great distances, allowing you to explore the vast world of Valheim with ease. Along the way, you may encounter other players or formidable enemies, so be prepared for anything.

Master the Art of Crafting a Lox Saddle in Valheim

If you’re looking to embark on epic rides in Valheim, you’ll need to master the art of crafting a lox saddle. These massive wooly tanks will carry you across the Viking world, allowing you to traverse rough terrains and explore new areas with ease.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to craft a lox saddle:

  1. Obtain Lox Trophy: The first step is to obtain a lox trophy. Lox are large, horned creatures that can be found in the Meadows biome. Hunt down a lox and defeat it to obtain its trophy.
  2. Build a Workbench: Once you have the lox trophy, you’ll need to build a workbench. This can be done by gathering wood and other resources, and then crafting a workbench using the hammer tool.
  3. Craft the Lox Saddle: With the workbench in place, open it up and navigate to the crafting menu. Look for the Lox Saddle recipe, which should be available if you have a lox trophy in your inventory. Craft the lox saddle using leather scraps and lox trophy.

Once you have crafted the lox saddle, you can equip it by opening your inventory and equipping it in the appropriate slot. Once equipped, you can approach a tamed lox and interact with it to ride it. Use the movement keys to control the lox and explore the Viking world in style!

Pro-tip: Lox saddles are durable, but they can still wear out over time. Make sure to keep an eye on its durability and repair it using a workbench and leather scraps when necessary.

So, gear up, find a lox, and craft your very own lox saddle to embark on epic rides in Valheim. Enjoy the freedom and thrill of exploring the vast Viking world on the back of these magnificent creatures!

Embark on Thrilling Adventures with These Majestic Wooly Tanks

If you’re looking for a way to take your adventures in Valheim to the next level, look no further than the lox saddle. These massive wooly tanks are the perfect companions for epic rides across the land.

With a lox saddle, you can hop on the back of one of these majestic creatures and explore the world like never before. Whether you’re traversing treacherous mountains or crossing vast plains, the lox will carry you with ease.

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This powerful mount is not only a means of transportation but also a formidable ally in battle. The lox’s massive size and strength make it a force to be reckoned with, capable of trampling enemies and charging headfirst into the fray.

To craft a lox saddle, you’ll need to gather a few key resources. The main ingredient is lox pelt, which can be obtained by hunting and skinning a lox. You’ll also need fine wood, leather scraps, and iron nails.

Once you have all the necessary materials, head to a workbench and craft your lox saddle. Once crafted, simply equip it in your inventory and you’ll be ready to ride.

Advantages of Riding a Lox

  • Improved Speed: Loxes can reach impressive speeds, allowing you to traverse the world quickly and efficiently.
  • Heightened Defense: The thick fur and tough hide of the lox provide excellent protection against physical attacks.
  • Increased Stamina: Riding a lox helps to conserve your own stamina, allowing you to travel for longer distances without tiring.

When riding a lox, it’s important to keep in mind that they have a tendency to become aggressive when threatened. Make sure to steer clear of hostile creatures and stay vigilant during your adventures.

So, if you’re ready for an exhilarating and majestic ride, craft yourself a lox saddle and set out on thrilling adventures across the land in Valheim.

Unleash Epic Rides and Dominate Survival in Valheim

Valheim, a popular survival game, offers players the opportunity to tame and ride powerful creatures known as lox. These massive wooly tanks can be crafted into saddles, allowing players to embark on epic rides and dominate the world of Valheim.

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To craft a lox saddle, players must gather the necessary materials, including leather scraps and silver. Leather scraps can be obtained by killing boars or lox themselves, while silver can be mined from the depths of the world. Once the materials are gathered, players can then use a workbench to craft the saddle.

Once the lox saddle is crafted, players can equip it to a tamed lox and ride it into battle. The lox provides a formidable advantage in combat, as its massive size and strength make it a formidable opponent for any enemy. Additionally, the lox’s ability to charge and trample enemies can be a devastating tactic in battle.

Not only do lox provide a formidable advantage in combat, but they also serve as reliable means of transportation in the vast world of Valheim. With their large size and strength, lox can traverse rough terrains and obstacles that would impede the progress of players on foot. This makes them an invaluable asset for exploration and gathering resources.

It’s important to note that taming and riding lox requires careful planning and preparation. Lox can be aggressive creatures, and players must approach them cautiously to avoid being attacked. Additionally, lox must be tamed using mushrooms, which can be found throughout the world. Once tamed, players can then equip the lox saddle and begin their epic rides.

Overall, the ability to craft and ride lox in Valheim adds a new dimension to the game’s survival mechanics. Whether it’s dominating enemies in combat or exploring the vast world, lox provide players with an exhilarating and powerful means to accomplish their goals. So saddle up and unleash epic rides as you dominate survival in Valheim!


What is a lox saddle in Valheim?

A lox saddle is an item in Valheim that allows players to ride on the backs of loxes, which are massive wooly tanks. It is a crafting item that players can make using certain materials.

How can I craft a lox saddle in Valheim?

To craft a lox saddle in Valheim, you will need 20 Iron and 10 Leather Scraps. Once you have these materials, you can go to a workbench and select the lox saddle recipe to craft it.

Can I go on epic rides with loxes using the saddle?

Yes, with a lox saddle equipped, players can embark on epic rides with these massive wooly tanks in Valheim. It allows for faster travel and an elevated viewpoint, giving players a unique experience in the game.

Are loxes the only creatures that I can ride in Valheim?

No, loxes are not the only creatures that you can ride in Valheim. Players can also ride on a variety of other creatures such as boars, wolves, and even a megalithic stone golem called Ymir. Each requires a specific saddle to be crafted.

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