Raft Sand Guide: How to Obtain this Essential Resource


Raft sand guide: How to get this resource

Sand is an essential resource in the game Raft, playing a crucial role in the survival and progress of the player. From crafting tools and weapons to creating useful items and structures, sand is a versatile material that should not be underestimated.

To obtain sand in Raft, players must venture into the deep blue ocean and dive into the depths. Armed with a trusty hook, they can cast their line and reel in various resources, including sand. It is important to note that sand is more commonly found near islands and underwater structures, so exploring these areas is key to ensuring a steady supply of this valuable resource.

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Once the sand has been collected, players can use it for a variety of purposes. It can be smelted into glass, which is needed for constructing windows, greenhouses, and other important structures. Sand can also be used to create sand bricks, which serve as the foundation for building larger structures and fortifying the raft against threats.

However, obtaining sand is not without its challenges. The deep sea is home to dangerous creatures and unpredictable currents, making diving for sand a risky endeavor. Players must be prepared with proper equipment and weapons to defend themselves against aggressive creatures, as well as a reliable source of oxygen to avoid drowning. It is important to plan ahead and assess the risks before embarking on a sand-gathering expedition.

In conclusion, sand is a valuable resource in Raft that should not be overlooked. With its versatility and importance in the game’s progression, players must be diligent in their efforts to obtain sand. By exploring the depths of the ocean, mastering the art of diving, and facing the challenges that come with it, players can ensure a steady supply of sand to aid them in their survival and development in the game.

Raft Sand Guide: How to Obtain this Essential Resource

Sand is an essential resource in Raft that players need to craft a variety of items and structures. In this guide, we will show you how to obtain sand in the game.

1. Island Exploration

The most common way to find sand in Raft is by exploring islands. Islands are scattered throughout the game world and often have sand deposits on their beaches or near water sources. Look for sandy areas or patches of sand on shallow shores.

2. Collecting with a Shovel

To collect sand, you need a shovel. Craft a shovel using the resources you have gathered. Once you have a shovel, approach a sandy area or a sand deposit and interact with it using the shovel equipped. This will allow you to dig up the sand and add it to your inventory.

3. Investing in a Net Catcher

If you want to collect sand more efficiently, invest in a Net Catcher. The Net Catcher is a structure that can be built on your raft. It will automatically collect floating resources, including sand, as you sail across the ocean. This way, you can passively gather sand while focusing on other tasks.

4. Trading with Seagulls

In some instances, seagulls may randomly drop sand while flying around your raft. Keep an eye out for seagulls and try to scare them away by shooting at them with a bow or a spear. If you manage to hit them, they might drop sand as they fly away.

5. Expanding Your Raft

As you progress in the game, expanding your raft is crucial for survival. By adding more foundation pieces, you increase the available space for sand to accumulate. Sand can pile up on your raft if it falls from the Net Catcher or occasionally washes ashore during storms.

6. Other Sources

Aside from the methods mentioned above, some rare instances might present opportunities to obtain sand. These can include finding sand in barrels or as rewards from completing quests or challenges. Keep an eye out for these special occasions and take advantage of any chance to gather extra sand for your crafting needs.

Remember, sand is an essential resource in Raft, so make sure to prioritize its collection to progress in the game and build all the necessary structures and items.

What is Sand?

Sand is a naturally occurring granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles. It is made up of different types of minerals such as quartz, feldspar, mica, and shell fragments.

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Sand can be found in various environments, including beaches, deserts, riverbeds, and underwater. It is formed through the process of weathering and erosion of rocks, where larger rocks are broken down into smaller particles over time.

Due to its abrasive and gritty texture, sand is commonly used for various purposes. It is a essential resource for construction, used to make concrete, bricks, and mortar. It is also used in landscaping, as a base for paving stones or as a component in soil mixes. In addition, sand is used in the manufacturing of glass, ceramics, and abrasives.

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When it comes to survival situations, sand can be an invaluable resource. It can be used for filtering water, providing a natural barrier for protection, and even for signal fires. In a raft survival scenario, sand is particularly important for creating glass for tools and building structures.

To obtain sand in Raft, players can find it in the ocean by using their hook. Sand can also be obtained by crafting from sand piles that occasionally appear on islands.

Overall, sand is a versatile and essential resource that plays a crucial role in both construction and survival. Its abundance in nature makes it easily accessible, and its various applications make it a valuable material in many industries.

Where to Find Sand?

In the survival game Raft, sand is an essential resource that you will need for various crafting recipes. Here are a few places where you can find sand:

  • Islands: The most common place to find sand is on the islands you encounter. When you arrive at an island, look for sandy areas or beaches. Sand will be scattered around these areas, making it easy to collect.
  • Underwater: Another place to find sand is underwater. Dive into the water and search for patches of sand on the ocean floor. Be careful of sharks and other underwater threats while collecting sand.
  • Shipwrecks: Occasionally, you may come across shipwrecks floating in the water. These shipwrecks often have sand in their cargo, making them a good source of this resource. Use your hook to collect the sand from the wreck.

Once you have collected sand, you can use it to craft items like glass, bricks, and other building materials. Additionally, sand is an ingredient in making smelters and advanced cooking stations.

Remember to always carry a hook and a collection net with you when exploring for sand. This will help you gather sand efficiently and avoid missing out on this valuable resource.

How to Collect Sand on Raft?

Collecting sand on your raft is an essential task in order to survive and progress in the game. Sand is used for crafting various items and structures that are crucial for your survival. Here are the steps to collect sand on your raft:

  1. Equip Your Hook: Before you can start collecting sand, make sure you have equipped your hook. You can craft a hook using resources like ropes and planks.
  2. Spot a Sand Depository: Look out for islands or sandbars in the ocean. These are areas where you can find sand deposits.
  3. Throw Your Hook: Approach the sand deposit and throw your hook towards it by clicking the left mouse button. The hook will automatically reel in any nearby resources, including sand.
  4. Collect the Resources: As the hook reels in the resources, be attentive and click the left mouse button again to collect the sand and any other resources that may have been hooked.
  5. Repeat the Process: Keep exploring different islands and sandbars to find more sand deposits. Repeat the process of throwing your hook and collecting the resources until you have gathered enough sand for your needs.

Remember to manage your inventory space efficiently to make room for the collected sand and other resources. Sand is a valuable resource that you will need for crafting items like glass, bricks, and even advanced tools. Make sure to prioritize collecting sand to progress in the game and ensure your survival on the raft.

Note: Be cautious of any dangerous creatures or obstacles while collecting sand. Some islands may have hostile wildlife or other hazards that can pose a danger to your character.


What is raft sand and why is it important?

Raft sand is a resource that can be obtained by using a shovel to dig sand from the ocean floor. It is important in the game Raft because it can be used to craft a variety of items, including foundations, walls, and roofs.

How do I obtain raft sand?

To obtain raft sand, you will need a shovel. Simply point your shovel at the sand on the ocean floor and press the interact button to dig it up.

What can I craft with raft sand?

Raft sand can be used to craft a variety of essential items in the game. This includes foundations, which are necessary for building a stable raft, as well as walls and roofs to provide shelter and protection from the elements. Additionally, you can also use sand to craft glass for windows or bottles to store water.

Are there any other ways to obtain raft sand?

Currently, the only known way to obtain raft sand in the game is by using a shovel to dig it up from the ocean floor. Make sure to explore different areas of the ocean to find sand deposits.

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