Understanding the Role of Valkyries in Clash of Clans: A Beginner's Guide


What are the Valkyries in Clash of Clans

If you’re new to Clash of Clans, you may have come across the Valkyrie troop and wondered what their role is in the game. Valkyries are powerful units that excel at dealing damage to multiple targets at once. They are a versatile troop that can be used to take down clusters of buildings or defend against large groups of enemies.

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One of the main advantages of using Valkyries is their ability to inflict splash damage. This means that they can hit multiple enemies within their attack range, making them particularly effective against tightly packed defenses or groups of troops. Their spinning attack can quickly whittle down the health of multiple structures or units, making them a key asset in your army composition.

However, Valkyries are also vulnerable to certain types of defenses. Although they have a good amount of health and deal heavy damage, they can be easily taken out by single-target defenses, such as the Inferno Tower or the Eagle Artillery. It’s important to keep this in mind when deploying Valkyries, and to have other troops or spells that can help take out these defenses.

When deploying Valkyries, it’s important to consider their pathing and the layout of the base you’re attacking. They tend to target the closest buildings, so it’s important to create a clear path for them to reach the core of the base. Using funneling techniques, such as deploying a few troops to clear out the surrounding buildings, can help guide the Valkyries towards the center of the base where they can do the most damage.

In conclusion, Valkyries are a powerful troop in Clash of Clans that can deal heavy damage to multiple targets at once. They excel at taking down clusters of buildings and groups of troops, but they are vulnerable to certain types of defenses. By understanding their strengths and weaknesses and using effective deployment strategies, you can maximize the effectiveness of Valkyries in your attacks.

Understanding the Role of Valkyries in Clash of Clans

In the popular mobile game Clash of Clans, Valkyries are a powerful troop that can be unlocked at Town Hall level 8. They are strong, versatile units that can deal massive damage to multiple targets at once.

Valkyries have a unique attack style, where they spin in a circular motion, hitting all surrounding enemies with their ax. This makes them particularly effective against tightly packed groups of troops and buildings, such as Clan Castle troops or defenses inside a base.

One of the key strengths of Valkyries is their ability to deal splash damage. This means that when they strike a target, they also damage surrounding buildings and troops within a small radius. This makes them valuable for taking out groups of enemy troops or destroying multiple buildings at once.

When deploying Valkyries, it’s important to consider their target and the surrounding defenses. Valkyries are most effective when they can target groups of enemy troops, such as Barbarians, Archers, or Goblins. They can quickly eliminate these units with their powerful spinning attack.

Valkyries are also useful for taking out defensive buildings, such as Mortars or Wizard Towers. Their splash damage can quickly destroy these structures, allowing other troops to advance without fear of being attacked.

In addition to their offensive capabilities, Valkyries are also quite durable. They have a high amount of health and can withstand a significant amount of damage before being defeated. This makes them excellent tanks and a great distraction for enemy defenses, allowing other troops to deal damage without being targeted.

It’s important to note that Valkyries are vulnerable to certain defense units, such as Inferno Towers. These towers deal continuous damage and can quickly eliminate a group of Valkyries if not dealt with properly. It’s recommended to take out Inferno Towers or other high-damage defenses before deploying Valkyries.

In conclusion, Valkyries are versatile troops with high damage and health. They excel at taking out groups of enemy troops and can quickly destroy defensive buildings. Their spinning attack and splash damage make them formidable opponents, but they should be used strategically and with consideration for the surrounding defenses.

An Overview of Valkyries in Clash of Clans

Valkyries are one of the most powerful troops in Clash of Clans, known for their ability to deal high damage and cause havoc in enemy bases. They are fierce, axe-wielding warriors who excel at close combat and can quickly eliminate groups of enemy troops.

Here are some key features of Valkyries:

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  • Training Time: Valkyries take 8 minutes to train in the Barracks.
  • Housing Space: Each Valkyrie occupies 8 housing spaces in your army.
  • Attack Strategy: Valkyries are particularly effective against groups of troops and can deal devastating damage with their spinning attack. Their high hitpoints and moderate speed make them ideal for breaking through walls and destroying key defenses.
  • Targets: Valkyries prioritize defensive structures and will attack them before targeting enemy troops.
  • Preferred Target: Valkyries have no preferred target and will attack any enemy within range.
  • Training Cost: Each Valkyrie costs 70 Dark Elixir to train.

It is important to note that Valkyries are vulnerable to air defenses and splash damage from Mortars and Wizard Towers. Therefore, it is crucial to have a well-designed attack strategy and support them with other troops and spells to maximize their effectiveness.

In conclusion, Valkyries are versatile and powerful troops that can wreak havoc on enemy bases. Their ability to deal high damage to multiple targets makes them an essential part of any successful Clash of Clans army composition.

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Effective Strategies for Using Valkyries in Attacks

Valkyries are powerful troops in Clash of Clans that can deal significant damage to multiple targets at once. However, to make the most out of their abilities, it is important to use them strategically in your attacks. Here are some effective strategies for using Valkyries:

  • Create a funnel: Before deploying your Valkyries, it is important to create a funnel to guide them towards the core of the enemy base. This can be done by deploying other troops, such as Giants or Wall Breakers, to clear out buildings on the outer perimeter. This will ensure that the Valkyries go straight towards the center and attack key defenses.
  • Deploy Valkyries in groups: Valkyries work best when deployed in groups rather than individually. This allows them to quickly clear out buildings and take down defenses together. By deploying them in groups, you can maximize their damage output and increase their survivability.
  • Use Rage Spells: One of the best spells to use with Valkyries is the Rage Spell. This spell increases their attack speed and damage, making them even more deadly. Deploy the Rage Spell when your Valkyries are in the midst of a heavy defense to quickly overpower the enemy.
  • Be mindful of Clan Castle troops: Before deploying your Valkyries, it is important to lure and deal with any Clan Castle troops that may pose a threat. Valkyries are vulnerable to defensive troops, such as Wizards or Witches, so it is crucial to take care of them before sending in your Valkyries.
  • Target high-value buildings: When deploying your Valkyries, focus on targeting high-value buildings, such as Town Halls, Eagle Artilleries, or Inferno Towers. Valkyries deal splash damage, so by attacking these high-value buildings, you can quickly take them out and cripple the enemy’s defenses.
  • Protect your Valkyries: Valkyries have a decent amount of health, but they can be easily overwhelmed if not properly protected. Deploy other troops, such as Healers or Giants, to shield your Valkyries from defensive fire. This will increase their survivability and allow them to deal maximum damage.

By employing these strategies, you can effectively use Valkyries in your attacks and make the most out of their destructive power. Keep practicing and experimenting with different attack strategies to find what works best for you!

Maximizing the Potential of Valkyries with Clan Castle Troops and Spells

When using Valkyries in Clash of Clans, it is important to consider the support of Clan Castle troops and spells to maximize their potential on the battlefield. By combining the strengths of Valkyries with complementary troops and spells, you can create powerful attack strategies that can overwhelm your opponents.

1. Clan Castle Troops:

  • Dragons: Dragon troops are an excellent choice to enhance the effectiveness of Valkyries. The dragons’ ability to deal high splash damage can help clear out surrounding buildings and defenses, making it easier for the Valkyries to reach their targets.
  • Wizards: Wizards can provide additional splash damage to help Valkyries clear out clusters of enemy units. They can also support Valkyries by dealing with enemy Clan Castle troops or defending heroes.
  • Balloons: Balloons can be used to distract air defenses and allow Valkyries to continue their rampage without being targeted. This combination works especially well when attacking bases with a strong air defense setup.

2. Spells:

  • Rage Spell: The Rage Spell can greatly increase the attack speed and damage output of Valkyries. By deploying a Rage Spell when the Valkyries are engaging defenses or a high-value target, you can quickly eliminate enemy structures.
  • Heal Spell: The Heal Spell is a great choice for keeping Valkyries alive as they move through the base. It can help counteract damage from splash defenses or traps, increasing the survivability of your attack.
  • Jump Spell: The Jump Spell can be used to create a shortcut for Valkyries to reach the core of the base. By placing the Jump Spell strategically, you can bypass a significant portion of the defenses and allow the Valkyries to directly attack high-value targets.

3. Combination Strategies:

To maximize the potential of Valkyries, consider using a combination of Clan Castle troops and spells. For example, you can send in Dragons and Wizards as Clan Castle troops to provide additional firepower and support for the Valkyries. Use a Rage Spell to boost the Valkyries’ damage output and a Heal Spell to keep them alive. By combining these elements, you can create a devastating attack strategy that is difficult for your opponents to defend against.


By understanding the role of Valkyries and utilizing Clan Castle troops and spells effectively, you can maximize their potential in Clash of Clans. Experiment with different combinations and strategies to find what works best for your playstyle and base layout. With practice and experimentation, you can unleash the full power of Valkyries and dominate your opponents on the battlefield.


Why are Valkyries important in Clash of Clans?

Valkyries are important in Clash of Clans because they are a powerful troop that can deal a lot of damage. They are especially effective against groups of units, making them a valuable asset in attacking strategies.

How do Valkyries attack in Clash of Clans?

Valkyries attack by spinning in a circle, dealing damage to all nearby enemy units. This makes them particularly effective against clusters of troops or buildings that are closely grouped together. Their attack is melee-based, so they need to be close to their targets in order to deal damage.

Should I prioritize upgrading Valkyries in Clash of Clans?

It depends on your overall strategy and playstyle. If you find yourself using Valkyries frequently in your attacks, then it may be beneficial to prioritize their upgrades. However, if you prefer using other troops or have limited resources, you may want to focus on upgrading other units first.

How can I use Valkyries effectively in Clash of Clans?

To use Valkyries effectively, it’s important to deploy them strategically. They are best used against groups of units, so try to target areas where multiple enemy troops or buildings are clustered together. Additionally, supporting them with spells or other troops can enhance their effectiveness and increase their survival rate.

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