Who is the best mage in Mobile Legends 2020?

5 Best Mage Heroes in Mobile Legends for February 2020, Cecilion is the Strongest!

  • Lunox. At the fifth position is a beautiful mage named Lunox.
  • 4. Harith.
  • 3. Chang’e.
  • 2. Esmeralda.
  • Cecilion.

What is the best build Nana?

Best Nana build guides for Mobile Legends 2022.Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Nana Build in Mobile Legends.

Movement SPD: 250 Physical Attack: 115
Magic Power: 0 Physical Defense: 17
Magical Defense: 10 HP: 2501
Mana: 510 Attack Speed: 0.864
Hp Regen: 6.8 Mana Regen: 3.6

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Is Vale a good mage?

Vale is a mage hero and the new hero in the mobile legends family. Vale at first few uses can be noticed as a very versatile hero as he can provide what is lacking in the team. He can become one of the burst damaged hero or a good crowd control hero or maybe both, depends on how you manipulate and upgrade his skills.

What is the best battle spell for Nana?

Flicker is the most standard battle spell to be used for various heroes in Mobile Legends, including Nana. This particular spell allows Nana to dash or blink to designated spots.

How do you make Nana stronger?

For this guide, use the custom mage emblem to get additional magic damage, magic penetration, and more. These Emblems will make Nana much more powerful when she uses her skill because she will produce a higher damage, remembering her Magic Boomerang cooldown is really short.

What is the most beautiful skin in ML?

10 Best Looking Hero Skins in Mobile Legends

  • Pharsa: Peony Bloom.
  • Gusion: Soul Revelation.
  • Miya: Suzuhime. Miya: Suzuhime.
  • Kagura: Water Lily. Kagura: Water Lily.
  • Selena: S.T.U.N. Selena.
  • Lunox: Eyes of Eternity. Lunox: Eyes of Eternity.
  • Hayabusa: Shura. Hayabusa: Shura.
  • Granger: Starfall Knight. Granger: Starfall Knight.