Where to Find Refined Metal in Dredge: A Comprehensive Guide


Where to get refined metal in Dredge

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on where to find refined metal in the popular game, Dredge. If you’ve been struggling to locate this valuable resource, you’ve come to the right place. Refined metal is a crucial material used in crafting advanced weapons, armor, and other essential items. With our help, you’ll be able to gather as much refined metal as you need for your crafting endeavors.

One of the best places to find refined metal in Dredge is in the treacherous Mines of Moria. Deep underground, in the dark and dangerous tunnels, you’ll come across veins of ore rich with refined metal. Be prepared to encounter various enemies and obstacles along the way, but the rewards will be well worth the risk. Remember to bring a sturdy pickaxe and be on the lookout for hidden pathways and secret chambers.

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If you prefer a more scenic approach, the sprawling ruins of the Forgotten City offer another promising location for refined metal. Abandoned by its inhabitants long ago, the city now harbors pockets of refined metal hidden among its crumbling structures. Explore every nook and cranny, and be sure to pay attention to any clues or ancient inscriptions that may lead you to the coveted metal.

“The depths of the Sunken Caverns hold secrets untold, and refined metal is among them.”

Lastly, the treacherous Sunken Caverns should not be overlooked as a potential source of refined metal. This vast underground network of tunnels is home to a plethora of rare resources, including refined metal. However, be warned that the Sunken Caverns are not for the faint of heart. Navigating the treacherous waters and avoiding the deadly creatures lurking within will test your skills and courage. But for those brave enough to venture into its depths, the Sunken Caverns offer great rewards.

With our comprehensive guide, you now know where to find refined metal in Dredge. Whether you choose to delve into the Mines of Moria, explore the ruins of the Forgotten City, or brave the challenges of the Sunken Caverns, remember to stay vigilant and always be prepared for the unexpected. Happy hunting!

Where to Find Refined Metal in Dredge: A Comprehensive Guide

In the game Dredge, refined metal is a valuable resource that players need to construct and upgrade buildings, create weapons and armor, and progress through the game. Finding refined metal can be a challenge, but with a little patience and strategy, you can accumulate a significant amount of this valuable material.

1. Mining Nodes:

One of the most common ways to acquire refined metal is by mining nodes found throughout the game world. These nodes are usually located in caves, mountains, or rocky areas and can be easily spotted by their sparkling appearance. Simply approach a node and interact with it to gather refined metal. Keep in mind that mining nodes may require certain tools or abilities to access, so be sure to come fully equipped.

2. Dungeon Bosses:

Defeating dungeon bosses can also reward you with refined metal. Dungeons are challenging areas in the game that are filled with enemies and valuable loot. By completing these dungeons and defeating their bosses, you can earn not only experience points and rare items but also refined metal. Team up with other players to tackle these challenging encounters more easily.

3. Quest Rewards:

Completing quests in Dredge can also grant you refined metal as a reward. These quests can be found in various towns and cities throughout the game world and typically involve helping NPCs or completing certain objectives. Pay attention to the quest descriptions or speak with quest givers to determine which quests offer refined metal as a reward.

4. Salvaging Gear:

If you have acquired a surplus of weapons, armor, or other equipment, you can salvage them for a chance to obtain refined metal. Salvaging gear destroys the item but has a chance to yield valuable resources, including refined metal. Keep in mind that the higher the quality of the item, the better chance you have of obtaining refined metal from salvaging.

5. Trading:

If you are unable to find enough refined metal through traditional means, consider trading with other players. Many players specialize in gathering or crafting specific resources, including refined metal. Use in-game chat channels or trading platforms to locate players willing to trade refined metal for other valuable resources or items.


Refined metal is a crucial resource in Dredge, and finding it can greatly aid your progress in the game. By exploring, participating in dungeons, completing quests, salvaging gear, and trading with other players, you can accumulate refined metal and take full advantage of its benefits.

Overview of Refined Metal in Dredge

Refined Metal is a valuable resource in the game Dredge. It is used in various crafting recipes to create powerful weapons, armor, and other useful items. In order to obtain refined metal, players must gather raw materials and smelt them in a furnace.

Raw Materials that can be smelted into refined metal include ores, ingots, and scraps. These raw materials can be found while exploring the game world, by defeating enemies, or by completing quests and missions.

Once the player has collected enough raw materials, they can bring them to a furnace to begin the smelting process. The furnace will heat the raw materials to a high temperature, causing impurities to be burned off and leaving behind pure refined metal.

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Smelting Process

  1. Collect raw materials such as ores, ingots, or scraps.
  2. Locate a furnace in the game world.
  3. Interact with the furnace to open its interface.
  4. Select the raw materials you wish to smelt.
  5. Start the smelting process and wait for the furnace to complete it.
  6. Collect the refined metal once the smelting is finished.

Uses of Refined Metal

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Refined metal is a versatile resource that can be used in many different crafting recipes. Some common uses of refined metal include:

  • Crafting powerful weapons and armor
  • Creating tools and equipment for various professions
  • Trading with other players or non-playable characters


Refined metal is an essential resource in Dredge that allows players to create powerful items and progress in the game. By gathering raw materials and smelting them in a furnace, players can obtain refined metal and use it for various crafting purposes. So, explore the game world, defeat enemies, and complete quests to collect raw materials and start smelting!

Best Locations to Farm Refined Metal

Refined Metal is a valuable resource in the world of Dredge. It is used for crafting and upgrading various items and structures. If you’re looking to gather a significant amount of Refined Metal, here are some of the best locations to farm it:

  • Deep Mining Caverns: This underground location is rich in mineral deposits, including Refined Metal. Explore the depths of the caverns and mine the ore veins to collect large amounts of Refined Metal.
  • Abandoned Factories: These dilapidated factories are a treasure trove of scrap metal, much of which can be refined into valuable Refined Metal. Search the different sections of the abandoned factories to find the materials you need.
  • Shipwreck Graveyard: The shipwreck graveyard is home to the remains of ships from various eras. Many of these ships were made of metal and can now be salvaged for Refined Metal. Dive into the depths and salvage metal from the wreckage.
  • Industrial Scrapyards: These scrapyards are filled with discarded machinery and equipment, much of which contains Refined Metal. Explore the scrapyards and break down the scrap to gather the valuable resource.
  • Forgotten Ruins: Deep within the forgotten ruins lie ancient structures made of metal. These structures can be dismantled and refined into Refined Metal. Navigate through the ruins and gather all the metal you can find.

Remember to come prepared with the necessary tools and equipment for mining and salvaging. Some locations may have hostile creatures or obstacles that you’ll need to overcome. Happy farming!

Tips and Tricks for Efficiently Collecting Refined Metal

Collecting refined metal in Dredge can be a challenging task, but with the right strategies and techniques, you can gather this valuable resource efficiently. Here are some tips and tricks to help you in your quest for refined metal:

  1. Explore every corner: Refined metal can be found in various locations throughout the game world, so make sure to thoroughly explore every area. Check hidden corners, behind crates, and in hard-to-reach spots to maximize your chances of finding refined metal.
  2. Complete side quests: Some side quests in Dredge reward you with refined metal as a prize. Keep an eye out for these quests and complete them whenever possible to boost your refined metal collection.
  3. Defeat enemies: Some enemies in Dredge drop refined metal when defeated. Engage in battles and defeat as many enemies as you can to increase your chances of obtaining refined metal.
  4. Use a metal detector: Investing in a metal detector can greatly aid your search for refined metal. Equip the metal detector and use it while exploring to pinpoint the locations of hidden metal deposits.
  5. Upgrade your tools: As you progress in the game, upgrade your tools to increase your efficiency in collecting refined metal. Upgraded tools can help you gather more metal in less time.
  6. Trade with other players: If you’re having difficulty finding enough refined metal, consider trading with other players. They may have surplus refined metal that they are willing to exchange for other resources or items.

By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to efficiently collect refined metal in Dredge and use it to enhance your gameplay experience. Good luck!


What is Dredge?

Dredge is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game.

What is refined metal used for in Dredge?

Refined metal is used to craft various items and upgrades in Dredge.

Where can I find refined metal in Dredge?

There are several ways to obtain refined metal in Dredge. One way is to mine it in the underground caves that can be found throughout the game world. Another way is to defeat certain enemies that drop refined metal as a loot. Additionally, refined metal can sometimes be obtained as a reward for completing certain quests or missions.

Are there any specific locations in Dredge where refined metal can be found?

While refined metal can be found in various locations in Dredge, some players have reported higher drop rates in specific areas. For example, the underground caves in the Crystal Veins area are known to have a higher concentration of refined metal.

What are the best strategies for farming refined metal in Dredge?

There are a few strategies that can be effective for farming refined metal in Dredge. One approach is to focus on mining in the underground caves, as they often have multiple nodes of refined metal. Another strategy is to participate in group activities, such as boss fights or dungeon runs, as these can yield higher amounts of refined metal as loot drops.

Can refined metal be traded or sold to other players in Dredge?

Yes, refined metal can be traded or sold to other players in Dredge. You can use the in-game marketplace to list your refined metal for sale or browse listings from other players.

What are some other valuable resources in Dredge that can be obtained alongside refined metal?

In addition to refined metal, there are several other valuable resources that can be obtained in Dredge. These include rare ores, gemstones, and enchanted materials. These resources can be used for crafting high-level items and upgrades.

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