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Where to find Zarium Accolade in Warframe

If you’re a fan of Warframe and looking to complete your collection, you may have come across the Zarium Accolade. This rare resource is highly sought after by players for its unique properties and uses. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find Zarium Accolade and how to obtain it in the game.

Zarium Accolade can be found in a variety of locations throughout Warframe, but it is most commonly dropped by high-level enemies in certain missions. These enemies are typically found in areas with higher difficulty levels, so be prepared for a challenging fight when searching for Zarium Accolade.

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One of the best places to find Zarium Accolade is in the Void region of Warframe. The Void is known for its high-level enemies and valuable loot, making it a prime location for Zarium Accolade farming. However, be warned that the enemies in the Void are extremely tough, so come prepared with your best gear and warframes!

Another option for finding Zarium Accolade is to participate in special events or alerts that offer it as a reward. These events are time-limited and may require you to complete specific objectives or missions, so keep an eye on the in-game news and alerts to stay informed about upcoming opportunities to obtain Zarium Accolade.

In conclusion, Zarium Accolade is a rare and valuable resource in Warframe. By knowing where to find it and taking on challenging enemies or participating in special events, you can add this sought-after item to your collection and enhance your gameplay experience in the world of Warframe.

Where to Find Zarium Accolade in Warframe

The Zarium Accolade is a rare resource in Warframe that is used for crafting and upgrading various items. It is primarily obtained by completing bounties on Orb Vallis, the open-world area on Venus. Here are a few ways to find Zarium Accolade in Warframe:

  1. Complete Orb Vallis Bounties: Zarium Accolade can be rewarded as a bounty reward upon completion of certain stages or objectives. It is advisable to focus on bounties that have a higher chance of giving this resource.
  2. Defeat Profit-Taker: The Profit-Taker is a challenging boss fight that can be found in Orb Vallis. It has a chance to drop Zarium Accolade upon defeat, although the drop rate is relatively low.
  3. Purchase from Syndicates: Some Syndicates in Warframe may offer Zarium Accolade as a tradeable item for standing points. Check with different Syndicates to see if they have it available for purchase.

It’s worth noting that Zarium Accolade is a relatively rare resource, so it may take some time and effort to acquire a significant amount. Make sure to prioritize activities that have a higher chance of dropping Zarium Accolade and consider utilizing resource boosters or other equipment to increase your chances of obtaining it.

Exploring Different Locations

One of the key aspects of the Warframe universe is the vast amount of unique locations players can explore. These locations not only provide challenging missions, but also offer opportunities to find rare resources and rewards like the Zarium Accolade.

Here are some of the different locations you can explore in Warframe:

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  • Planets: Each planet in the solar system features a variety of missions and landscapes. From the frozen tundras of Europa to the arid deserts of Mars, each planet offers a unique setting to explore.
  • Space Stations: Space stations serve as hubs where players can access various resources, engage in trading, and interact with other players. These stations often have different sections and vendors to explore.
  • Void: The Void is a dimension where players can find valuable loot and rare resources. It is a challenging location with unique enemies and interesting puzzles to solve.
  • Orokin Derelicts: These ancient Orokin structures are abandoned and infested with powerful enemies. Exploring Orokin Derelicts can reward players with special mods and blueprints.
  • Cetus and Fortuna: Cetus is a settlement located on Earth, while Fortuna is a hub on Venus. These locations serve as bases for different factions and offer a variety of missions and activities to undertake.
  • Open Worlds: Warframe also features expansive open-world areas like Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis. These areas provide players with a large, open environment to explore, complete missions, and encounter unique wildlife.

By exploring these different locations, players can uncover hidden secrets, find valuable rewards, and further immerse themselves in the vast universe of Warframe.

Completing Specific Missions

Completing specific missions is one of the ways to find the Zarium Accolade in Warframe. Here are some missions that have a higher chance of dropping the Zarium Accolade:

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  • Sabotage: Look for caches during the mission. Sometimes the Zarium Accolade can be found in one of the caches.
  • Survival: Stay in the mission for a longer time to increase the chance of getting the Zarium Accolade as a reward.
  • Exterminate: Defeat all enemies in the mission to increase the chance of getting the Zarium Accolade as a reward.
  • Defense: Complete multiple rounds and try to reach higher rounds to increase the chance of getting the Zarium Accolade as a reward.
  • Mobile Defense: Complete all the objectives and defend the artifact to increase the chance of getting the Zarium Accolade as a reward.
  • Capture: Capture the target quickly to increase the chance of getting the Zarium Accolade as a reward.

It is important to note that the drop rate for the Zarium Accolade can vary depending on RNG (Random Number Generator). So, it might take some time and multiple attempts to obtain the Zarium Accolade. Additionally, playing with a full squad or using specific Warframe abilities or mods can also increase the chances of getting the Zarium Accolade.


What is Zarium Accolade in Warframe?

Zarium Accolade in Warframe is a special achievement or honor that players can earn by completing certain challenges or tasks in the game.

How can I find Zarium Accolade in Warframe?

Finding Zarium Accolade in Warframe can be challenging, as it is hidden in a specific location or obtained through a specific mission. It is recommended to follow guides or ask experienced players for assistance in finding it.

What are the benefits of earning Zarium Accolade in Warframe?

Earning Zarium Accolade in Warframe can provide various benefits, such as unlocking unique weapons, mods, or cosmetic items. It can also increase your reputation with certain factions or provide you with special abilities.

Are there any prerequisites for earning Zarium Accolade in Warframe?

Yes, earning Zarium Accolade in Warframe often requires players to meet certain prerequisites, such as reaching a certain level, completing specific missions, or obtaining specific items. It is important to research and prepare beforehand to increase your chances of earning it.

Can Zarium Accolade be traded or sold in Warframe?

No, Zarium Accolade in Warframe cannot be traded or sold. It is a personal achievement or honor that is bound to the player’s account.

Is there a time limit for earning Zarium Accolade in Warframe?

No, there is no specific time limit for earning Zarium Accolade in Warframe. However, some challenges or tasks may be time-limited or event-specific, so it is recommended to check for any time restrictions before attempting to earn it.

Can I earn Zarium Accolade multiple times in Warframe?

No, Zarium Accolade in Warframe is usually a one-time achievement. Once you have earned it, you cannot earn it again on the same account. However, there may be similar accolades or achievements that you can earn multiple times.

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