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Who Created Toca Boca World?

In the world of children’s digital play, Toca Boca World has quickly become a household name. This innovative app allows kids to explore a vibrant, interactive world filled with characters and activities, sparking their imagination and creativity.

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But who are the masterminds behind this beloved app? Meet the visionaries: Björn Jeffery, Emil Ovemar, and Mattias Miksche.

Björn Jeffery, a Swedish entrepreneur and the CEO of Toca Boca, is the driving force behind the development and success of Toca Boca World. With a background in technology and a passion for creating digital experiences that empower children, Björn has led the team in creating an app that both parents and kids love.

Emil Ovemar, the Creative Director of Toca Boca, brings his artistic vision and design expertise to the table. With a background in graphic design and visual storytelling, Emil ensures that the world of Toca Boca is visually stunning and full of delightful surprises.

Mattias Miksche, the President of Toca Boca, is responsible for the strategic direction and business development of the company. With his background in finance and entrepreneurship, Mattias has helped Toca Boca become a global phenomenon, reaching millions of families around the world.

“Our mission is to create digital toys that help children develop their creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and empathy,” says Björn Jeffery. “We believe that play is the key to unlocking a child’s imagination and potential.”

Together, these three visionaries have created a world where kids can imagine, create, and explore to their heart’s content, sparking joy and curiosity. Through their passion and dedication, Toca Boca World has become a beloved app that is enjoyed by millions of children worldwide.

Discover the Creators Behind Toca Boca World

Toca Boca World is an immersive digital playground that allows children to explore and create their own unique adventures. But who are the genius minds behind this imaginative and educational app? Let’s take a closer look at the creators of Toca Boca World.

Toca Boca is a Swedish digital toy company that specializes in creating apps for children. They believe in the power of play and strive to provide a safe and open-ended environment where kids can express their creativity and learn through play.

Jens Peter de Pedro, the co-founder and Creative Director of Toca Boca, is one of the masterminds behind Toca Boca World. He has a background in graphic design and a passion for creating digital experiences that engage and inspire children. Peter de Pedro is known for his attention to detail and his ability to create visually stunning and interactive worlds.

Björn Jeffery, another co-founder of Toca Boca, is the CEO of the company. He is responsible for shaping the vision of Toca Boca World and ensuring that it stays true to the company’s core values. Jeffery is a visionary leader who believes in the transformative power of play.

The team at Toca Boca is made up of a group of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds in design, development, and education. They work together to create apps that are not only fun and entertaining but also educational and inclusive.

One of the key features of Toca Boca World is its intuitive and child-friendly interface. The creators of Toca Boca World have carefully designed the app to be easy to navigate for young users, allowing them to explore and interact with the virtual world without any frustrations.

Toca Boca World offers a wide range of activities and locations for children to explore. From going on a picnic in the park to visiting a hair salon or even exploring the depths of the ocean, Toca Boca World provides endless possibilities for imaginative play.

So the next time you and your child embark on a digital adventure in Toca Boca World, remember to appreciate the creators behind this wonderful app. Their dedication and creativity have made it possible for children all around the world to unleash their imagination and have fun while learning.

Unveiling the Visionaries

Meet the brilliant minds behind Toca Boca World, the groundbreaking virtual play experience loved by kids and parents worldwide.

Lucas M. Li, Co-founder and CEO

Lucas co-founded Toca Boca with a big dream: to create digital toys that promote creativity, curiosity, and open-ended play. With a background in design and a passion for creating immersive experiences, Lucas has led the team in revolutionizing the way children play and interact with digital games.

Emilia Bergmark-Jiménez, Chief Creative Officer

Emilia brings a wealth of creative expertise to Toca Boca World. With a background in play and game design, she is responsible for guiding the vision and ensuring a seamless user experience. Emilia’s dedication to creating safe and inclusive spaces for children to express themselves through play has been fundamental to Toca Boca’s success.

Anders Bjorklund, Head of Technology

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Anders’s technical expertise has been vital in bringing Toca Boca World to life. With his extensive knowledge of app development and software engineering, he has made Toca Boca World a robust and enjoyable experience for users of all ages. Anders is passionate about creating innovative technology that enhances children’s playtime.

Lisa Öberg, Lead Artist

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Lisa’s artistic talents are showcased throughout Toca Boca World. As lead artist, she is responsible for designing the vibrant and engaging worlds that capture children’s imaginations. Her strong eye for detail and ability to create visually stunning landscapes have made Toca Boca World a visually stimulating experience.

Anna Carlén, Head of Communications

Anna plays a crucial role in sharing Toca Boca’s mission and vision with the world. Her expertise in communication and PR has helped establish Toca Boca as a leading brand in the industry. Anna is passionate about connecting with parents and educators to provide them with valuable insights on the importance of play in child development.

Karl Oskarsson, Lead Game Designer

Karl’s passion for game design and his deep understanding of play mechanics have contributed to the engaging and intuitive gameplay of Toca Boca World. As lead game designer, he is responsible for creating fun and educational experiences that spark the imagination and encourage open-ended play.

Isabella Wellington, Head of Research and Education

Isabella brings a wealth of knowledge in child development and education to Toca Boca World. Her expertise in early childhood development and pedagogy has been instrumental in shaping the educational aspects of the app. Isabella is dedicated to creating experiences that promote learning and exploration in a fun and interactive way.

Oliver Sjöstrand, Sound Designer

Oliver’s audio expertise adds depth and immersion to the world of Toca Boca. As sound designer, he creates rich soundscapes and interactive audio experiences that enhance gameplay and capture the attention of users. Oliver’s talent for creating captivating audio has made Toca Boca World an engaging and multisensory experience.

These are just a few of the brilliant visionaries who have brought Toca Boca World to life. Their passion for creativity, play, and child development has shaped an innovative and beloved digital toy that continues to inspire and engage children around the world.

Toca Boca World: Who Created Toca Boca World?

Toca Boca World is a popular digital playtime platform for kids, offering a wide variety of interactive games and activities. But who are the creators behind this imaginative world? Let’s dive into the visionaries who brought Toca Boca World to life.

  • Toca Boca: Toca Boca is the Swedish studio that developed and published Toca Boca World. Founded in 2010, Toca Boca is known for creating playful and educational digital toys for children.

But creating a world as vibrant as Toca Boca World doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a team of talented individuals who bring their expertise and passion to the project. Here are some of the key contributors to the development of Toca Boca World:

  • Game Designers: The game designers at Toca Boca are the masterminds behind the interactive and engaging experiences in Toca Boca World. They use their creative skills to design the virtual environments, characters, and activities that children can explore and enjoy.
  • Artists: The artists at Toca Boca are responsible for bringing the colorful and expressive visuals in Toca Boca World to life. They create the charming characters, beautiful landscapes, and eye-catching animations that capture the imagination of young players.
  • Programmers: The programmers at Toca Boca work behind the scenes to ensure that Toca Boca World runs smoothly and seamlessly. They develop the code that powers the interactive elements in the game and make sure everything functions as intended.
  • Sound Designers: The sound designers at Toca Boca add another layer of immersion to Toca Boca World. They create the playful sound effects and catchy tunes that enhance the overall experience and make it even more enjoyable for children.

It’s important to note that this is just a glimpse into the creative team behind Toca Boca World. Many more individuals, including producers, marketers, and testers, contribute their skills and expertise to make Toca Boca World a top-notch playtime destination.

Together, these visionary individuals at Toca Boca work tirelessly to create an inclusive and imaginative world for children to explore and have fun. Their dedication and passion are the driving forces behind Toca Boca World’s success.


Who are the creators of Toca Boca World?

The creators of Toca Boca World are Emil Ovemar and Bjorn Jeffery.

What is the vision behind Toca Boca World?

The vision behind Toca Boca World is to provide a digital play experience that stimulates creativity and imagination in children.

Can you tell me more about Emil Ovemar?

Emil Ovemar is one of the creators of Toca Boca World. He has a background in computer science and has a passion for creating interactive experiences for kids.

How did Emil Ovemar and Bjorn Jeffery come up with the idea for Toca Boca World?

Emil Ovemar and Bjorn Jeffery came up with the idea for Toca Boca World when they realized that there was a lack of creative and open-ended digital games for children.

What makes Toca Boca World different from other digital play experiences?

Toca Boca World stands out from other digital play experiences because it encourages free play, creativity, and exploration, without any specific goals or objectives.

What is the age range for Toca Boca World?

Toca Boca World is designed for children aged 6-9, but children of all ages can enjoy it.

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