Farthest Frontier: A Guide to Acquiring Heavy Tools in the New Survival City Builder


Farthest Frontier: How to get heavy tools in the new survival city builder

Welcome to Farthest Frontier, the newest addition to the world of survival city builders. In this innovative game, players are tasked with establishing and managing a thriving community in a challenging environment. One of the key elements of success in Farthest Frontier is acquiring heavy tools, which are essential for various tasks such as construction, resource gathering, and defense.

Heavy tools play a crucial role in the development of your city. They allow you to gather resources more efficiently, construct larger and sturdier buildings, and fend off threats from hostile elements and creatures. However, acquiring these tools is not an easy task. It requires careful planning, strategic decision-making, and the allocation of limited resources.

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To acquire heavy tools, players must embark on exploration missions to uncover valuable resources and hidden treasures. These missions range from simple scouting expeditions to dangerous encounters with wild animals and rival factions. The rewards for successful missions include new tool blueprints, rare materials, and even powerful weapons.

Once you have acquired the necessary blueprints and resources, you can start crafting heavy tools in your workshop. Each tool has its own unique requirements and benefits, so it is important to prioritize which ones will benefit your city the most. Additionally, maintaining and upgrading your tools is crucial to ensure their longevity and effectiveness.

In conclusion, acquiring heavy tools in Farthest Frontier is an essential aspect of the game that requires careful planning, strategic decision-making, and resource management. These tools not only allow you to gather resources efficiently but also play a vital role in defending your city from threats. So gear up, embark on exploration missions, and start building the ultimate survival city in Farthest Frontier!

Exploring the Key Features of Farthest Frontier

Farthest Frontier is an exciting new survival city builder game that offers players a challenging and immersive experience. With a focus on acquiring heavy tools, the game introduces a variety of key features that add depth and complexity to the gameplay.

  1. Resource Management: In Farthest Frontier, players must carefully manage their resources to ensure the survival and growth of their city. This includes gathering materials, such as wood and stone, and allocating them strategically for construction and improvement projects.
  2. Building Customization: One of the standout features of Farthest Frontier is its extensive building customization system. Players have the ability to design and construct their city from scratch, placing buildings and structures as they see fit. This allows for unique and personalized cities that reflect the player’s own style and strategy.
  3. Exploration and Expansion: As the name suggests, Farthest Frontier encourages players to venture beyond the confines of their city and explore the surrounding wilderness. This brings its own set of challenges and rewards, as players can discover new resources, encounter wildlife, and even establish additional settlements.
  4. Trade and Diplomacy: To thrive in the game, players will need to engage in trade and diplomacy with other settlements and factions. By establishing mutually beneficial relationships, players can acquire valuable resources, forge alliances, and expand their influence in the game world.
  5. Challenging Environments: Farthest Frontier features a dynamic and ever-changing environment that poses various challenges to players. From harsh weather conditions to natural disasters, players must adapt and find innovative solutions to ensure the survival of their city.
  6. Progression and Upgrades: Throughout the game, players have the opportunity to unlock new technologies, buildings, and upgrades. This progression system adds a sense of growth and achievement, rewarding players for their strategic decisions and successful management.

Farthest Frontier offers a rich and immersive gameplay experience with its key features. By strategically managing resources, customizing their city, exploring new frontiers, engaging in trade and diplomacy, overcoming environmental challenges, and progressing through the game, players can truly build and thrive in their own unique virtual world.

Mastering the Simulation Aspects of Farthest Frontier

Farthest Frontier is not only a city builder, but also a simulation game that allows players to experience the challenges and complexities of managing a new settlement. To succeed in the game, it is important to understand and master the simulation aspects. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

1. Resource Management

Efficient resource management is essential for the survival and growth of your settlement. You will need to gather and allocate resources wisely to ensure a steady supply of food, water, and building materials. It is important to constantly monitor your resource levels and plan ahead to avoid shortages.

2. Population Control

In Farthest Frontier, population control is crucial to maintaining a balanced growth. If the population grows too rapidly, it can strain your resources and lead to a collapse. On the other hand, if your population is too small, it may hinder the development of your settlement. Therefore, managing population growth through birth control policies and immigration control is vital.

3. Infrastructure Development

Building and upgrading infrastructure is key to the success of your settlement. You will need to construct housing, gather resources, and establish production facilities. Additionally, building roads and upgrading transportation networks will ensure the efficient movement of people and goods. Strategic planning and prioritization are essential in developing a well-functioning infrastructure.

4. Disaster Preparedness

In Farthest Frontier, disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes, and disease outbreaks are a constant threat. It is important to invest in disaster preparedness measures such as fire stations, medical facilities, and emergency response teams. Regularly training and equipping your population to handle disasters will greatly increase their chances of survival.

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5. Diplomacy and Trade

As your settlement grows, establishing friendly relations with neighboring settlements through diplomacy and trade can bring numerous benefits. Building trade routes and negotiating favorable trade agreements will ensure a steady supply of resources and help your settlement prosper. Additionally, forming alliances and participating in diplomatic negotiations can provide protection and support in times of crisis.

6. Research and Technology

Advancing your settlement technologically is crucial for long-term success. Investing in research and development will unlock new technologies and improvements, allowing you to increase productivity and efficiency. Researching agricultural advancements, renewable energy sources, and medical breakthroughs should be a priority to sustain your settlement’s growth.

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By mastering these simulation aspects, you will be well-equipped to tackle the challenges and create a thriving settlement in Farthest Frontier. Remember to analyze situations, make informed decisions, and adapt your strategies as the game progresses. Good luck!

Becoming Successful in Acquiring Heavy Tools in Farthest Frontier

In the new survival city builder game, Farthest Frontier, acquiring heavy tools is crucial for the success of your city. These tools are essential for various tasks, such as construction, resource gathering, and defense. To become successful in acquiring heavy tools, follow these tips and strategies:

  • Unlocking Heavy Tools: Before you can acquire heavy tools, you need to unlock them through research. Invest resources and time into researching the necessary technologies to unlock these tools.
  • Resource Management: Proper resource management is essential for acquiring heavy tools. Focus on collecting and stockpiling the required resources, such as wood, stone, metal, and fuel. Build resource gathering structures like mines, sawmills, and quarries.
  • Trade and Barter: Establish trade routes with other cities or settlements to acquire heavy tools. Offer surplus resources or specialized goods in exchange for these tools. Expand your trade network to have access to a wider range of tools.
  • Quests and Missions: Complete quests and missions offered by non-player characters (NPCs) to acquire heavy tools as rewards. These quests often involve tasks like exploration, combat, or resource gathering. Keep an eye out for quests that offer heavy tools as rewards.
  • Build and Upgrade Workshops: Construct workshops in your city dedicated to the production of heavy tools. Allocate enough workers and resources to these workshops to ensure a steady supply of tools. Upgrade workshops to increase production efficiency.

Once you have acquired heavy tools, it’s essential to maintain and repair them regularly. Heavy tools can wear out or break over time. Allocate resources and labor to repair and maintain these tools to ensure their longevity and effectiveness.

Remember, heavy tools are vital for the growth and prosperity of your city in Farthest Frontier. By following these strategies and investing in acquiring and maintaining these tools, you will pave the way for success in your city-building endeavors.


Where can I find heavy tools in the game?

You can find heavy tools in the farthest frontier of the game, where you can explore new areas and unlock new resources. These heavy tools can be obtained by completing specific missions or by trading with other players.

What are heavy tools used for in the game?

Heavy tools are used for various tasks in the game, such as harvesting resources, constructing buildings, and repairing existing structures. They are essential for the progress and development of your survival city.

How do I acquire heavy tools through missions?

To acquire heavy tools through missions, you will need to complete certain objectives or tasks assigned to you by the game. These missions could involve exploring new areas, defeating enemies, or helping other characters in the game. Once you complete the mission, you will be rewarded with heavy tools.

Can heavy tools be crafted in the game?

No, heavy tools cannot be crafted in the game. They can only be obtained through specific missions or by trading with other players. This adds a level of challenge and strategy to acquiring heavy tools, as you will need to explore new areas and interact with the game’s community to obtain them.

Is it possible to trade heavy tools with other players?

Yes, it is possible to trade heavy tools with other players in the game. The game has a trading system where you can exchange resources, items, and tools with other players. This allows you to acquire heavy tools that you might not be able to obtain through missions or exploration.

Are heavy tools rare in the game?

Yes, heavy tools are considered rare in the game. They are valuable resources that are not easily obtainable. This is why they are often rewarded for completing difficult missions or traded among players for other valuable items. It is important to prioritize acquiring heavy tools as they play a crucial role in your survival city’s development.

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