Where is Rita in Toca Boca?

-Making her first debut in Toca Life: City, Rita is found in the apartment on the turquoise sofa-bed.

Where are crumpets in Toca world?

Crumpet Junkyard

  • Inside of an amp next to the security booth.
  • Next to the TV, inside of the fridge.
  • Behind the wooden and cardboard box, in the bathtub.
  • Inside of a wooden box with a teapot on top.
  • Inside of an old air conditioning unit on top of a cardboard box.
  • Behind ‘The Drumpets on Tour’ poster.

Is Toca Boca LGBT?

With such disappointing in-store results, it should come as no surprise that online all of the Toca Boca clothes are labeled “Girls’” or “Boys. ‘” That’ right, this gender-neutral line has labeled all its clothing with gender labels, as if it wasn’t bad enough that they were gendered in-store.

How old is Tori Nari?

(Nari is her official name.)About.

Age in TLS 10
Nari likes Spying on people, ice cream, holidays, poetry
Nari hates Time, homework, spiders

How old is Zeke from Toca life world?


Age in TLS 11
Zeke likes animals, Houdini, sleeping, pranking people
Zeke hates plane, irascible people, people who abandon animals

YouTube video: How To Make Crumpets In Toca Boca Life World?

How old is Leon in Toca Boca?


Age in TLS 11
Leon likes Rita, experimenting with hair color, purple
Leon hates public speaking, large groups, documentaries