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The best Civilization 6 mods

Looking to enhance your Civilization 6 gaming experience? Look no further! In this guide, we have compiled a list of the top mods that will take your gameplay to the next level. Whether you are looking for new features, improved strategies, or a completely different gameplay experience, these mods have got you covered.

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One of the most popular mods on our list is the “Better Balanced Starts” mod. Tired of starting your game with a less than ideal location? This mod ensures that every civilization starts on an equal footing, eliminating any unfair advantages or disadvantages. Get ready for a truly balanced and competitive gameplay from the very beginning!

If you are a fan of historic accuracy, you will love the “Historical Religions Complete” mod. This mod adds a variety of historically accurate religious beliefs to the game, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich cultural and religious diversity of the civilizations you play. Choose from a wide range of religious options, each with its own unique bonuses and abilities.

For those who enjoy a more strategic approach, the “AI+ Improved AI and Smarter Diplomacy” mod is a must-try. This mod enhances the artificial intelligence of the game, making the computer-controlled civilizations more challenging and unpredictable. Prepare yourself for fierce competition and diplomatic negotiations that will keep you on your toes throughout the game.

With these top mods, your Civilization 6 gaming experience will never be the same. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting out, give these mods a try and prepare to be amazed by the new features, strategies, and gameplay they bring to the table. Happy gaming!

The Top Civilization 6 Mods You Need to Try Today

If you’re a fan of Civilization 6, then you know that the game offers a lot of fun and strategic gameplay. But did you know that there are also a ton of mods available that can enhance your gaming experience even further? Here are some of the top Civilization 6 mods that you need to try today.

1. Enhanced User Interface

This mod improves the user interface of the game, making it easier to navigate and providing more information at a glance. It includes features such as city indicators, detailed resource icons, and improved unit selection.

2. Real Strategy

Real Strategy is a mod that seeks to make Civilization 6 more challenging and realistic. It introduces new mechanics and changes to the game, such as improved AI, rebalanced policies, and new victory conditions. If you’re looking for a more strategic gameplay experience, this mod is a must-try.


CQUI is a comprehensive mod that enhances the gameplay experience in many ways. It includes features such as a detailed technology tree, improved city management, and a redesigned diplomacy system. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran, CQUI can greatly improve your Civilization 6 experience.

4. Yet (not) Another Maps Pack

If you’re tired of playing on the same maps over and over again, this mod is for you. Yet (not) Another Maps Pack adds a variety of new map types to the game, including realistic Earth maps, custom-made maps, and even a map based on the Game of Thrones universe. With this mod, you’ll never run out of new places to explore.

5. Real Great People

In the base game, the Great People you encounter are often random and don’t always make sense historically. This mod aims to fix that by introducing more historically accurate and meaningful Great People. It also adds new Great People abilities and bonuses, making them even more valuable in your civilization’s development.

6. Sukritact’s Simple UI Adjustments

If you’re looking for small but impactful changes to the user interface, this mod is perfect. Sukritact’s Simple UI Adjustments makes minor tweaks to the interface, such as showing more detailed information about buildings and units, making it easier to manage your empire and make informed decisions.

7. Better Trade Screen

The trade screen in Civilization 6 can be overwhelming and confusing, but this mod simplifies and streamlines the process. It provides a clear and organized trade screen that’s easy to navigate, allowing you to make more informed and efficient trade deals with other civilizations.

8. City Limits

This mod introduces city limits, which restrict the number of cities you can found and encourage more strategic city placement. It adds a new level of depth to the game, forcing you to carefully consider where to settle your cities and how to optimize your civilization’s growth.

9. Historic Speed

If you feel that the base game progresses too slowly, this mod is for you. Historic Speed speeds up the game’s progression, allowing you to experience the different eras and technologies more quickly. It’s a great option for players who want a faster-paced gameplay experience.

10. Enhanced World Congress

The World Congress is a significant part of the late game in Civilization 6, and this mod enhances it by adding new resolutions, diplomatic actions, and bonuses. It makes the World Congress more engaging and strategic, giving you more options and ways to exert your influence on the world stage.

These are just a few of the many mods available for Civilization 6. Whether you’re looking for gameplay tweaks, visual enhancements, or new features, there’s sure to be a mod that suits your preferences. Give these mods a try today and take your Civilization 6 experience to the next level!

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When it comes to playing Civilization 6, there are a plethora of mods available that can enhance your gameplay experience. Whether you’re looking for new features, improved strategies, or simply a change of scenery, these mods are sure to spice up your game. Here are some of the top Civilization 6 mods you need to try today.


  • Enhanced User Interface (UI) - This mod improves the overall user interface of the game, making it easier to navigate and providing more information at a glance. It adds new icons, tooltips, and menus to streamline your gameplay experience.
  • Extended Eras - With this mod, you can extend the length of each era in the game, allowing you to spend more time within each historical period. It adds a sense of depth and immersion to your gameplay.
  • Real Great People - This mod revamps the Great People system in the game, making it more historically accurate. It adds new Great People with unique abilities and enhances the overall gameplay strategy.


  • A.I.+ - This mod improves the artificial intelligence of the game, making the computer-controlled opponents more challenging and competitive. It enhances the strategic depth of the game and provides a more realistic experience.
  • Better Balanced Starts - With this mod, the starting locations for each civilization are more balanced, ensuring that no player has an unfair advantage. It promotes fair competition and strategic decision-making from the beginning of the game.
  • Religion Expanded - This mod expands the religious aspect of the game, providing more options and complexity. It adds new beliefs, religious units, and gameplay mechanics, allowing you to create a more diverse and influential religion.

Civilization 6

NameCategoryDownload Link
Enhanced User Interface (UI)FeaturesLink
Extended ErasFeaturesLink
Real Great PeopleFeaturesLink
Better Balanced StartsStrategyLink
Religion ExpandedStrategyLink
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These are just a few of the many incredible mods available for Civilization 6. Whether you’re looking to enhance the game’s features, improve your strategy, or explore new civilizations, there’s a mod out there for you. So why wait? Start downloading and experience Civilization 6 like never before!


  • Expanded Tech Tree: Unlock new technologies and advance your civilization’s knowledge.
  • New Civs and Leaders: Play as exciting new civilizations and experience unique abilities and advantages.
  • Enhanced Graphics: Enjoy improved visuals and immerse yourself in the world of Civilization 6.
  • Improved AI: Experience more challenging gameplay with smarter computer-controlled opponents.
  • New Buildings and Wonders: Construct new structures and marvel at magnificent wonders of the world.
  • Additional Units and Improvements: Strengthen your military with new units and enhance your cities with improvements.
  • Diplomatic Overhaul: Interact with other leaders and civilizations in a more dynamic and nuanced diplomatic system.
  • New Game Modes: Explore different ways to play with new game modes, such as the popular “Secret Societies” mode.
  • Modding Support: Customize your game with user-created mods and add new content and features.
  • Multiplayer Enhancements: Enjoy improved multiplayer gameplay with updated features and stability.


Strategy is an essential aspect of Civilization 6, and with the right mods, you can enhance your strategic capabilities even further. The following mods offer various features and modifications that can give you an advantage in the game:

  1. Real Strategy: This mod introduces changes to the game’s rules and mechanics to make the strategic aspects more realistic and challenging. It alters things like unit movement, combat, diplomacy, and city management, requiring players to think carefully before making decisions.
  2. Better Balanced Starts: This mod improves the starting conditions of the game by ensuring that all civilizations begin with a more balanced set of resources and opportunities. This allows for fairer and more competitive gameplay from the early stages of the game.
  3. Smarter AI: As the name suggests, this mod aims to enhance the AI’s decision-making capabilities. It makes the AI opponents more intelligent and competent, making the game more challenging and realistic.
  4. Expanded Diplomacy Options: This mod adds new diplomatic options and interactions to the game, giving players more ways to negotiate with other civilizations. It allows for deeper diplomatic strategies and enables players to form stronger alliances and trade agreements.
  5. Improved City Planning: This mod provides tools and features that help with city planning and management. It allows players to optimize their cities’ layouts and infrastructure, leading to more efficient resource production and growth.

These mods can greatly enhance the strategic depth and challenge of Civilization 6. Whether you prefer a more realistic experience, fairer starts, or smarter opponents, there’s a mod out there that can cater to your strategic needs. Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect balance for your playstyle.

Civilization 6

Civilization 6, developed by Firaxis Games, is a turn-based strategy game that allows players to build and expand their own civilization. With a strong emphasis on diplomacy, expansion, and resource management, Civilization 6 offers a wide range of gameplay options and strategies for players to explore.

One of the key features of Civilization 6 is its modding support, which allows players to customize and enhance their gameplay experience. There are a wide variety of mods available for Civilization 6, ranging from small tweaks to major overhauls that introduce new gameplay mechanics and features.

Top Mods for Civilization 6

  1. Community Patch: This mod is a collection of various fixes, balance adjustments, and improvements made by the Civilization 6 community. It addresses many of the issues and limitations of the base game, making it a must-have for any Civilization 6 player.
  2. CQUI: The Civilization 6 UI (CQUI) mod improves the user interface of the game, making it more intuitive and providing more information at a glance. It adds new features such as a civilization overview screen, detailed tooltips, and easier access to crucial game information.
  3. Real Strategy: Real Strategy is a mod that aims to improve the strategic depth of Civilization 6. It introduces new mechanics and tweaks existing ones to make the game more challenging and realistic. The mod enhances the diplomacy system, adjusts AI behavior, and rebalances various aspects of the game to create a more engaging gameplay experience.
  4. Better Balanced Starts: As the name suggests, Better Balanced Starts mod ensures that all civilizations start on an equal footing, with access to similar resources and opportunities. This mod addresses the issue of imbalanced starting positions, allowing for a fair and competitive gameplay experience.
  5. Yet (not) Another Maps Pack: This mod adds a wide variety of new maps to Civilization 6, allowing players to explore different terrain and layouts. The mod includes historically accurate maps as well as fictional ones, providing endless possibilities for exploration and strategy.


Civilization 6 offers a rich and immersive gameplay experience, and the modding community has further enhanced the game with a wide variety of mods. Whether you want to improve the user interface, introduce new gameplay mechanics, or explore new maps, there is a mod for everyone in Civilization 6. So, don’t hesitate to dive into the world of modding and enhance your Civilization 6 experience!


Some popular Civilization 6 mods include the “CQUI - Community Quick User Interface” mod, which enhances the game’s user interface and adds new features, and the “Better Trade Screen” mod, which improves the trade screen and makes it easier to manage trade routes. Other popular mods include “Real Great People” which adds historical great people to the game and “Sukritact’s Simple UI Adjustments” which provides various UI improvements.

How can I install mods in Civilization 6?

To install mods in Civilization 6, you need to subscribe to the mod on the Steam Workshop. Once subscribed, the mod will automatically download and install the next time you launch the game. You can then activate the mod by going to the “Additional Content” section in the game’s main menu and enabling it.

Are there any mods that improve the AI in Civilization 6?

Yes, there are several mods that aim to improve the AI in Civilization 6. One popular mod is the “AI+: Enhanced Strategic and Tactical AI” mod, which enhances the AI’s decision-making abilities and makes them more challenging to play against. Another mod is the “Smart AI” mod, which improves the AI’s behavior in diplomacy, warfare, and city management.

Can you recommend any mods that add new civilizations?

Sure! If you’re looking to add new civilizations to the game, you can try the “Civilization Traits Expansion+” mod, which adds new unique traits and abilities to existing civilizations, or the “Yet (not) Another Maps Pack” mod, which adds a variety of new maps and civilizations to the game. Another popular mod is the “JFD’s Cultural Diversity” mod, which adds a wide range of new civilizations and leaders to play as.

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